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bunbury music festival guide
Photo by David Heasley

Bunbury Music Festival is Cincinnati’s most eclectic music festival with headliners ranging from Muse to Wiz Khalifa. The 2017 festival takes place from June 2nd to June 4th in downtown Cincinnati, and is set to bring in 15,000 people each day. With such a sizable crowd, you may need some advice on how to navigate the festival. Here are some tips from the Bunbury pros.

For more Bunbury details, be sure to check out the complete Bunbury Festival Guide.

1. Bring cash

Bunbury is a cash-only event. If you run out of money, there are plenty of ATMs around, but the fees may not be worth it. So, try to bring enough to cover you for the day.

2. Book accommodations early

Bunbury Festival is a non-camping event, so make sure to book accommodations nearby as soon as possible before the good deals fill up.

3. Protect your valuables

Grab a locker just inside the main gate to hold all of those extra things you don’t want to carry around all day.

4. Leave the prohibited items at home

That includes alcohol, selfie sticks, stickers, glass containers, food/beverage and video recording equipment.

5. Re-entry rules

Re-entry is only allowed for 3-day wristbands. Otherwise, there are no ins-and-outs.

6. Create a schedule

Take advantage of Bunbury’s “create my schedule” platform and decide what bands you want to see before you get to the festival.

7. Read the complete guide

Check out the complete Bunbury Festival Guide for all the festival details.

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Bunbury Festival Pro Tips
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