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Meet Christy Lamagna. She is a professional event strategist. She has been planning meetings and attending tradeshows globally for 27 years. Here are her top tips for business travel.

What are 3 essentials, besides your phone and laptop, that you bring on every trip?

1. A pashmina. It is the perfect accessory; it dresses up an outfit, doesn’t wrinkle, make a statement and people remember you for wearing it, is the perfect weight for cold meeting rooms and cool evenings and it doubles as a blanket on flights.

2. Evian spray. This little bottle of vaporized water refreshes my skin after long flights and dry hotel air.

3. My ‘oh no’ case which has a spare charger, pen, hair tie, gym, lip gloss. It tucks into my luggage and always saves the day.

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Do you prefer hotels or Airbnbs (or other vacation rentals) for business travel? Why?

It depends on the length of the stay and purpose of the trip as to which I prefer. If the trip is around an event that has a host hotel, I would prefer to be there. If the trip will require a stay longer than seven days, I would prefer Airbnb so I can stock a fridge, do my laundry and feel a bit more settled than I can in a hotel.

Where has been your favorite place you have stayed?

The Grande Bretagne in Athens. It was beyond perfection, wonderful location, spectacular rooftop views and had two dogs that they cared for who lived outside.

Do you manage to find time to enjoy the destination “off the clock”?

I try to get of the hotel at least once to eat at a local restaurant, preferably one that is a locals favorite, not one that caters to travelers. It is not often that I get to do more than that.

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What’s your most memorable “off the clock” travel moment?

Sky Screaming in Las Vegas. It was a free fall drop that lasted for what seemed like forever. I have never been so terrified of death and simultaneously felt so alive before!

What frustrates you the most about constant travel?

It is exhausting to return home to a pile of mail, laundry and bills, jetlagged and exhausted and to then be told that I am ‘so lucky’ that I get to travel for a living! It is frustrating to constantly be digging out only to leave again.

How do you make this easier for yourself?

I have auto pay for bills now so they take care of themselves, I allow myself to read and sleep on flights instead of work so that I am less mentally fatigued, and I pay someone to stock the refrigerator and run to the dry cleaner. The cost is minimal and the time saved is better spent doing other things.

When you retire and no longer have to travel for business, which destinations are at the top of your bucket list?

– New Zealand

– Peru

– Necker Island


Follow Christy online at:

Website: strategic.events

Twitter: @SMEchristy

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