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Pax south is the event for you
Photo by Pax South

Do you consider yourself a top gamer? Then PAX South 2018 is the festival for you! The three-day festival, which takes place in San Antonio, Texas, is fast approaching and there are going to be some awesome new experiences for gamers. From testing out the latest virtual reality technology to battling like a Roman in a virtual gaming arena, we take a look at the top things that will happen at the event this year. It’s time to embrace your inner geek!

1. The PAX Arena

Enter the PAX Arena if you dare! It’s going to be something out of the Roman Gladiator era, except in 2017, and with the latest technology. There will be brutal and merciless battles from top gamers around the world, as they compete in front of event attendees. The fights in the arena will be broadcast live to thousands of viewers. The gamers that will take part simply can’t afford to lose and have their reputation damaged, so expect a lot of virtual blood, sweat and tears. The PAX Arena will run throughout the duration of the event.

2. Omegathon

Pax south is the event for you
Photo by Pixabay

Have what it takes to win in every gaming categories? Then this is the event for you. The Omegathon is a three-day tournament that spans the length of PAX South. The Omegathon will feature twenty Omeganauts: attendees who are selected at random. The Omeganauts compete in games from all gaming categories, including tabletop, console and computer games. Omeganauts are eliminated throughout the three-day period until only two players are left. The last two gamers standing will battle it out in an intense finale– each hoping to gain the top prize.

3. Virtual Reality

Pax south is the event for you
Photo by Olabi Makerspace

This year’s PAX South will offer gamers the chance to sample the latest virtual reality technology. Every year, VR technology is advancing rapidly, so get ready to have your mind blown by the latest developments.

4. Indie Tabletop Games

Pax south is the event for you
Photo by Pax South

There will be a whole section dedicated to indie tabletop games. To give you an idea, last year’s games included Dice Throw, Wicked Apples, Fantastic Factories and Word Domination, so you can expect something similar for 2018. It’s the ultimate indie-geek event and a great place to meet like-minded gamers.

5. Table Top Freeplay

Pax south is the event for you
Photo by xenoveritas

Another feature of PAX South is the table top free play section, which features hundreds of tables where you can ‘set-up camp’ and borrow games from its game-lending library. Here you can check out the latest games and test them on your devices.

Meanwhile, other events include panels, interactive gaming sessions and interesting talks with top gamers in the industry. It’s also an opportunity to check out the newest gaming devices. In previous years, both Nintendo and Microsoft showcased their latest gaming technology at PAX.

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PAX South Will Be Every Gaming Geek’s Paradise This Year
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