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You’re hanging by a thread. Work is miserable. You may as well be carrying your desk on your back through waist deep mud. On Mondays and Tuesdays that’s uphill. Every ounce of intuition is screaming at you to quit and find something new, but a there’s a little voice telling you to hold on. Maybe it’s in your head or maybe it’s Dave in the next cubicle telling you to take a vacation. But is it worth it? Can vacation change your perspective at work?  

vacation change perspective at work
Photo by Miguel Constantin Montes

Just like a muscle…

When you do any type of physical training, rest periods are critical. Sometimes it’s thirty seconds in between pull-ups. Sometimes it’s a week off from the running trails. Either way, your body can burn out and when it does, or preferably when you get close, rest is the only answer.

Think of your work life the same way. Good workers recognize when they’re approaching their wall and dip off for a vacation before the head-on, production-killing collision occurs.

Recognize the signs

It’s natural to look forward to the weekend, but does your life revolve around it? What are you looking forward to at work? What does your productivity rate look like? When was your last vacation?

Have a plan

If the answers spell “B-R-E-A-K” then you need to have your plan in place. How many days do you need? Where are you going? Who’s going? Having it all planned out will make the process much smoother.

Don’t bring it with you

When you finally go, distance yourself from work. Checking your phone and talking to colleagues will transform the beach to an office pretty quickly. If you’re resting, then rest!

So distance yourself from the quit button, plan a trip, and re-evaluate when you come back. Like a muscle, you can’t measure where you are without the opportunity to rest and analyze your situation from a new perspective.

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Can Vacation Change Your Perspective at Work?
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