Who are we?

We’re on a quest here at AllTheRooms. With a diverse, creative, and multi-national team, we want to offer our users every single hotel, Airbnb, short-term rental, hammock, yacht, etc. on the market. Daunting? Certainly. Doable? Absolutely. As a Medellin-New York-based startup, we have the organization and structure of New York with the adventurous spirit and creativity of Medellin. We like to think of it as a dream combination.

Who are we looking for?

We look for a wide range of skills in our candidates, but there are a few traits that we require from everyone regardless of the position. All of our employees are adaptable, mission-focused problem solvers who are always looking to contribute. They’re responsible team players, seeking creative freedom and the opportunity to be a part of a growing, trendy company.

As the internet’s largest, most complete vacation rental search engine, we have a strong foundation, but we still face the challenge of making AllTheRooms a household name. Interested in helping us blaze the path? Check out the open positions below!

Available Jobs in Medellin, Colombia:

All jobs below are for our international office in Medellin, Colombia. Most of the positions are full-time.

For all other inquiries, please email zack@alltherooms.com. As an ever-growing startup, we’re always on the hunt for talented people. Maybe you have a skill/story we haven’t thought to look for!