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Is it common to hook up with
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Like something out of some college spring break flick, you arrive at your Couchsurfing destination and your host is drop dead gorgeous. Her photos didn’t do her justice, maybe you didn’t bother to look, but you’re certainly looking now. So what do you do if your Couchsurfing host is hot?

It’s only natural that staying with an attractive Couchsurfing host could spark some interest. After all, living under the same roof puts you in close proximity to your host in ways that might not happen in the non-surfing world. So is it common to hook up with Couchsurfing hosts?

The simple answer would be yes. However, you may be playing a dangerous game.

Hook-ups in the regular world require a degree of people-reading skills. If he or she is sending good signs, great! If he or she is sending bad ones, back off! You have to know the difference. Couchsurfing hook-ups follow the same basic rules, but with an added level of risk. For example, misreading a communication may lead to a very awkward stay and a negative (not to mention embarrassing) review being posted on the Internet about how you’re out looking for hook-ups. This review might not be so handy the next time you’re looking for a place to stay. For example, that nice married couple with an open room in a San Diego beach house might not be so eager to host hook-up hungry guests.

That said, if the communication is solid and beyond a reasonable doubt, go for it. A couchsurfer host hook-up story might add a romantic dimension to your trip. But if this isn’t the type of risk you would take in your everyday life, it’s not one we would recommend you try for the first time on Couchsurfer. No matter how casual a hook-up might seem, it involves people and feelings and something can always go wrong, so follow the same rules of respect you would follow in the outside world. And think twice before you make a move.  

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