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Country Jam Colorado
Photo by Country Jam Colorado

Country Jam brings some of the biggest names in country music to Western Colorado every summer. We have some inside advice to make sure you get the most out of your Country Jam experience.

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1. Know the lineup

Study the official lineup and know when your favorites are up. Once you have your favorites pinned down, create a plan around those performances.

2. Find something new

Yes, you have to see your favorites, but make sure you carve out some time to listen to some new voices.

3. Early bird gets the cold beer, Chevy trucks, and country roads

Not actually. But if you have a general admission ticket, arriving early will get you closer to the stage.

4. Water bottles

Bring a few water bottles for fill up inside the festival. There are fill up stations that save you the effort of bringing all of your drinking water.

5. It’s hot out there

It’s fair to expect temperatures in the 90’s. Hats, extra water, wet cold towels… it all helps.

6. Cashless wristbands

Register for a cashless wristband that works like a credit card inside the festival. You can even follow your transactions online.

7. VIP is pretty sweet

The Super VIP pass gets you access to a stage-side private pool. We’ll leave it at that.

8. Mark your campsite

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of tents. Make it stand out in some way shape or form.


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Country Jam Colorado Pro Tips
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