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Get ready for a weekend of all things Country! Countryfest is back with an awesome lineup including the likes of Blake Shelton, Eric Church and Thomas Rhett. We’ve got you covered with top tips for Countryfest:

1. Go cashless

The festival has a cashless wristband option — which is worth considering as you can buy a lot of food and drink just using your pre-loaded wristband.

2. Remember the rules

Food and beverage carry-ins are not allowed in the concert area so bring small snacks in your bags. Pets are allowed in campsites but not on the festival site.

3. Opening times

Gates open later on Sunday than on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday the venue will open at 12:30 pm. On Friday and Saturday the gates open at 11 am.

4. Stay connected

There is free wifi on the concert grounds, so you can keep in touch with your friends and Instagram to your heart’s content.

Photo by Townsquare Media

5. Charge your phone

There will be phone charging stations available at all bars and they are free to use.

6. Plan ahead

Download the interactive Countryfest app on the app store beforehand.

7. Plan your showers

If you’re camping there are ‘shower hours’ — so a certain time of day when there will be water to shower. The schedule will be posted in the lead-up to the festival.

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Countryfest Survival Guide
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