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After eight hours on the road, your hotel has to meet expectations. Driving makes people tired, and tired people need comfortable beds and efficiency, not confusion over reservations and rooms that smell like the indoor pool down the hall. So how do you pick the right hotel? We’ve compiled a few cross-country drive hotel tips that will let you rest up and get back on the road recharged.

1. Efficiency

You don’t need five stars and fine dining. You need reliable, clean, and efficient hotels that work as fine-tuned machines. So don’t roll the dice on a hotel that looks good in pictures. Take the safe route and pick the hotel with solid reviews and a good reputation.

2. Location

Cross-Country Drive Hotel Tips
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After a full day of driving, the last thing you’ll want to do is hop back in the car and drive 30 minutes to a restaurant or a location that made your to-do list. Pick the hotel that’s close to what you need and save yourself a headache.

3. Full breakfast

Cross-Country Drive Hotel Tips
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Breakfast is fuel for the road. A modest hotel with eggs, waffles and fruit smoothies will always beat the fancier hotel with a few bagels and a banana. So ask for breakfast before you book.

4. Pets?

How to drive cross-country with your dog
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If Spot is making the cross-country drive with you, make sure you check for pet-friendly hotels when planning your trip. Arriving and finding out that Spot isn’t welcome would be a nightmare.

5. How many beds?

Cross-Country Drive Hotel Tips
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If you’re traveling in a group, leave no doubt about how many beds you need in each room when making the reservation. No one wants to double up after a long day on the road, so call ahead and clarify your reservation.

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Cross-Country Drive Hotel Tips
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