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You finally pulled the trigger. The plan is to spend six months traveling around Southeast Asia while working remotely. Your packing list is almost complete but there’s one aspect that has you stuck: technology. We’ve done the research on essential technology for extended travel and compiled a list of the things you just can’t go without. 

technology for long-term travel
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It all comes back to your smartphone

As much as you’re ashamed to admit it, your life is inextricably linked to your smartphone. Communication, photos, music, internet surfing — it’s all there. So make sure you consult your wireless provider to learn about its international data plans. Shelling out extra cash for a solid international data plan is well worth it. The phone is one thing you can’t go without.

Portable laptop chargers can be lifesavers

You’re going to work remotely so obviously your laptop is essential. But what happens when it’s out of battery and you don’t have access to an outlet? Keeping a portable laptop charger can rescue you when you need it most. Most cost between $100-200. Check out this list of the best portable laptop chargers on the market to help you make your pick.

What about books?

You have a long reading list. And lots of travel means lots of flights and bus rides to plow through the pages. But old-fashioned hardbacks are out of synch with your “travel light” mantra. Cue Kindle e-readers. Kindle lets you browse, purchase and download all you want so you can keep all of your reading in one place.

Show me the money

Life overseas means you can’t just walk into your bank and work through an account issue. So how do you monitor your account from the beach in Thailand? Download your bank’s smartphone application. Make transfers and check your balance at will. Finding cash will depend on ATM access, but at least you can rest easy knowing that you can manage your funds from your phone.

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Technology Essentials For Long-Term Travel
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