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How to find the cheapest hotels
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It’s an age-old challenge. Hunting great hotel deals has become an art for the experienced traveler. For the less seasoned searchers looking for a few secrets, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to find the cheapest hotels.

See all the options

You can only recognize a good deal when you know the market. To know the market you have to spend time exploring the wide range of hotel options out there. Our search engine is excellent for reading the market because it shows you all hotel options (along with Airbnb’s, Couchsurfing etc.) and not just the hotels paying for top spaces on searches.

Search on Sunday

Hotel prices change from day to day, but only experienced hotel deal hunters know that prices are lowest on Sundays.

Know your peak times

Be aware of holiday and vacation price spikes and the deals that come in their wake or in the off-season. For example, a Caribbean vacation in the summer will cut your hotel price significantly compared to what you might find in the winter.


Even if you’re not quite serious about booking your vacation quite yet, browsing through hotel sites will help you refine your searching skills. You might find sites you prefer or comparison techniques that help you find the best deal. Call it productive fantasizing.  

How to Find the Cheapest Hotels
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