Planning a trip is stressful for travelers, but wondering about the hotel quality is one thing that is not worth the stress. While some hotels provide just the bare minimum, many others go above and beyond in service, quality, or both. Of course, sometimes the best features can be subjective and will vary depending on the traveler’s preferences. That said, there are certain things that are universal in making up an excellent hotel. At AllTheRooms, we see all the top hotels, and we see what the customers appreciate most in these hotels. To make sure your hotel ranks as one of the best out there, we’ve compiled a list of the top things travelers love about a great hotel.

By Soloviova Liudmyla

1. Location Content

The last thing a guest wants to think about on their trip is how to navigate a foreign city. A hotel needs to be able to show potential guests that not only is the hotel itself a fantastic choice but that it’s in the location the guest is looking for. After all, travel is not just about the hotel itself, but everything the location has for visitors to see and explore. Guests want to know what’s available right outside their door before they book a room. Provide them with all the information they need on the city itself, where to eat, where to go, what to do, and more.

By Park Jae Beom

2. Free Amenities

From the 24-hour room service to the cleaning service, guests barely need to lift a finger. For example, guests expect a clean room when they come in. You can assure them that that is exactly what they’ll find by providing a note of when it was last cleaned, or having your cleaning staff leave a note. Guests want to feel like they’re being taken care of, and they don’t want to find surprise extra charges for all of that.

Give your guests free access to the pools, spas, or gyms in your hotel to let them feel pampered. If you don’t have these available, partner with a local spot to give a discounted rate to your guests. While of course there are some charges you’ll need to add to a guest’s account, there are still many things you can provide for free or at a lower cost When you partner with local restaurants, gyms, shops, or any organization, you not only improve your relationship with the rest of your community, but you also give guests a few more reasons to choose you.

By GaudiLab

3.  Social Spaces

The nature of accommodations is changing, and you don’t want to be left behind. More and more, guests are heading to hostels or Airbnbs where they can enjoy more communal space. As a hotel, it’s important that you provide your guests with spaces to socialize. The lobby, as the first entrance to the space, should be clean and be inviting. Guests want to know that they made the right choice in booking a room with your hotel. Consider making the lobby a spot to hang out, by providing couches or entertainment systems.

Guests also want WiFi. This seems obvious — everybody has their computer and their smartphone with them these days. Guests want to be able to connect with their friends and family to tell them about their trip, or catch up on work when traveling for business. To make your hotel a top hotel, provide your guests with free WiFi, not just in the lobby, but in the rooms as well.

By Pressmaster

4. Staff

The staff in a good hotel are just there for a job, and this can be apparent. The staff in a great hotel, however, truly care about the guest’s experience. The staff at a hotel is the first point of contact between the hotel and the guest. Make sure your guests are having the best interactions by making sure your staff is highly trained and motivated. Your staff, as locals in the town, can also serve as a guide for your guests.

Guests want to be able to trust the hotel’s recommendations for where to go, where to eat, or anything else in the city. Plus, with a caring staff, your guests will be sure to come back next time they’re in town. Little things like remembering returning customers’ names, making sure they have what they need, and helping prepare them for their day leave customers feeling like your hotel truly cares about them.

By Gabriel Georgescu

5. Communication

This goes along well with a good staff. Guests will feel the hotel cares more about them if the staff is in communication, from the day they book the room, through the day they check out. This can be as little as sending an email from the hotel thanking them for checking in, calling guests before the arrival to let them know you’re expecting them and checking in throughout their visit. Communication with your guests is a key part of them having an enjoyable experience.

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