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If you’re heading to Australia, you’re bound to be planning a trip to one of its famous beaches. So why not spice things up with a visit to one of the country’s top nudist beaches? There are tons of ‘clothing-optional’ beaches near most of the main cities and it can be a hard job picking which one to visit, so we’ve made things easy for you and rounded up six of Australia’s best nudist beaches:

1. Sunnyside North Beach

nudist beaches in australia

Sunnyside North Beach is one of the top nudist spots in Melbourne. The beach has complete privacy as it’s tucked away behind a mountain and attracts a large crowd, especially on the weekends. It’s a ‘clothing optional’ beach, so if you’re not quite ready to take a dip in the world of nudist beaches you can always check things out beforehand and keep on your bathing suit.

2. Maslin Beach

australia's nudist beaches

Maslin Beach in Adelaide was Australia’s first legal nudist beach, and years later it’s still flying the flag as one of the country’s most popular places for a naked swim. If you’re proud of your butt, be sure to visit in January when the yearly ‘Best Butt’ competition takes place. The beach draws an entirely nudist crowd, so leave all inhibitions at home.

3. Cow Bay

australia's best nudist beaches

Cow Bay in Queensland is a private beach hidden by a dense rainforest. Because of its rainforest location, be sure to watch out for crocodiles when you’re swimming (we can only imagine the horror stories). Unfortunately, nude beaches are illegal in Queensland, so you run the risk of being fined if the police catch you. However, it’s the only state in easy-going Australia where this is the case and it still draws a crowd of happy swimmers who don’t mind paying the price of getting caught.

4. Cobblers Beach

Cobblers Beach in Sydney is best known for the Sydney Skinny which is a naked swimming race that takes place annually in February. During the rest of the year, the beach draws a chill crowd who come to swim and sunbathe, with or without their swimwear. It’s a beautiful beach with a wide bay.

5. Alexandria Bay

australia's best nudist beaches

Alexandria Bay is located on the coast of the Noosa National Park. The beach has perfect golden sands and crystal clear waters. It’s relatively off the nudist beach beaten track, making it a more private experience. The waters can be a bit choppy and the beach is unobserved, so take care when swimming and don’t fall asleep when sunbathing, in case the tide comes in.

6. North Swanbourne Beach

nudist beaches in australia

North Swanbourne Beach in Perth is a lovely bay with golden sands and blue waters. It has a clothing section at one end of the beach and a ‘clothing optional’ section on the other end. If you’re feeling a bit more prude, head to the middle of the beach and leave a little to the imagination.

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  1. Great story Carmela – I hope you enjoyed your trip to Cobblers Beach in Sydney. What time of year were you there?

    I’m a regular at Cobblers Beach and agree it’s very special. What’s really nice about it is the crowd it attracts which is pretty balanced in terms of men and women. There are also always lots of travellers passing through (especially Germans, Spaniards and Italians). The more the merrier!

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