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Do you enjoy swinging a golf club? Maybe a spot of naked golf is the thing for you. In recent years, naked golf has reached new heights of popularity and there are a few golf courses and resorts that offer the opportunity to get a hole-in-one in the buff. So do you have the balls to play naked golf? Here’s our guide on how to get in on the action.

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Where to Play Naked Golf

Naked golf is a relatively new thing, but there are a few places around the world offering it as an activity.

Wairau Valley, New Zealand

Recently at the Wairau Valley Golf Course in Wairau Valley, New Zealand, twenty-five naked bodies descended on the site to take part in the Nude Golf International tournament at the town’s nine-hole course. The tournament drew in nudists from New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. The nearby Wai-natur Naturist Park retreat took part in the organizing the event, and it was very successful, with plans to repeat the event next year in 2019. So keep your eyes (and your clothes) peeled.

La Jenny Naturist Course, France

La Jenny Naturist Course is located in Western France and prides itself on being the only golf course in the world where nudity is a must. Clothes are completely prohibited, so to participate you have to be fully naked and leave all your inhibitions at home. The golf course offers beautiful views of the ocean and is a great place to unwind with friends.

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Humpty Doo Golf Club, Australia

The first ‘Wandering Bears Nude Golf Day’ was recently hosted at Humpty Doo Golf Club. It’s a great, private setting and the golf club permitted a ‘day-off’ from its strict dress code rules to let naturists have some fun. The naturists stayed well out of the way of any other golfers and played on a course with holes that were secluded. The event attracted around 30 golfers and there are plans to make an even bigger event next year in 2019.

Cypress Cove Resort, Florida

Cypress Cove is a popular naturist resort in Florida — and you can also play golf completely au naturel here. It’s got a nine-hole chip-and-putt course with varying degrees of difficulty. The resort has a ‘worst ball’ competition that runs the second Friday of every month, where each team has to play from the worst ball instead of the best ball.

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Top tips

  • Use a buggy to carry your golf clubs. If you’re naked, carrying a bag of golf clubs over your shoulder will really rub — and could even cause a blister or a wound.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Yes we know, you want to be completely naked, but the floor can be hot and you’re at risk of treading on something sharp. Plus, good trainers will also help you with your balance, which is really important when getting a hole-in-one.
  • Don’t be shy, let it all hang out and focus solely on the game. You may even find you improve your handicap.
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What to bring

Well, you don’t need your clothes, that’s for sure. But here are a few other things to bring to make your naked golf experience that bit more comfortable:

– Sunscreen

-A cap or visor to protect your head from the sun

-Sunglasses so the blinding sun doesn’t stop you getting a hole in one

-Shoes and socks

– A sense of humor

-Water to keep hydrated

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  1. The PGA says you can play golf barefoot. I do it all the time. The grass is soft and fun for bare feet.

  2. “Golf… is the infallible test. The man who can go into a patch of rough alone, with the knowledge that only God is watching him, and play his ball where it lies, is the man who will serve you faithfully and well.” -P.G. Wodehouse

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