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High Sierra Music Festival 2017_4
Photo by High Sierra Music Festival

The High Sierra Music Festival is a trip into the California Sierra Nevada wilderness. While 19th-Century settlers made their way to Quincy, California in search of gold, today’s adventurers arrive in search of jam band, newgrass, and funk music. Not sure how to cut it out in the wilderness? No sweat (well maybe a little). We have some inside advice to help you find your way.

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1. Camping Checklist

Long before the festival dates roll around, make a checklist of needed materials. Keep it with you at all times and use it to manage your gear, food, and clothing. Organization is vital!

2. Water!

Even though you’re in the mountains, Quincy gets hot! Temperatures in the high 80’s and 90’s should be expected. You’ll be miserable if you’re not hydrated.

3. Study the lineup

Find your favorites and then plan around their performances.

4. Get a pass for the public pool

Pool dips are most welcome in the heat.

5. Pack a sweatshirt

It heats up in the day, but nights can be on the cooler side.

6. If you’re not a camper book fast!

Accommodation pickings in the area are slim. You have to book ahead if you don’t like the tent life.

High Sierra Music Festival 2017
Photo by High Sierra Music Festival

7. Eat up!

From New York style pizza to shaved ice to paella, the vendors cover a lot of food ground. Check out the craft beer selection as well.

8. Dress it up

Each day has a costume theme. So leave room on your packing list for some red white and blue attire and some pajamas.

9. Take a hike

If you need a break from the festival grounds, there is plenty of forest that needs exploring.

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High Sierra Music Festival Pro Tips
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