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Forbes Women’s Summit 2017
Photo by Forbes

Preparing for Forbes Women’s Summit requires more than bringing along some business cards. It requires a mental shift. Of course, come to the Summit with all of your tangible essentials, but also don’t forget to leave your expectations and biases behind so that you can get the most out of this powerful experience. If you do, you’re bound to leave with inspirational insights and actionable takeaways to transform both your business and your life.

Here are our top tips to prepare for Forbes Women’s Summit.

1. Be open to alternate point of views

Everyone who attends Forbes Women’s Summit is already an experienced expert of one sort or another.  But you will also be surrounded by experts – all with their own perspectives and points of view.  Keep your mind open to fresh perspectives and new ways of thinking.

2. Know why you’re there and how it can help solve the problems you face

You are attending Forbes Women’s Summit to gain something. You want to walk away inspired and full of actionable solutions. But first, you need to know what problems you need to solve. Make a list of the challenges that you are currently facing. Though it’s unlikely your specific problems will be addressed, having them top of mind might help you discover ways to address them you’d never thought of before.

3. Be of service to others

Yes, you will be in a room full of brilliant women, but try not to take every opportunity to see what you can gain from them. Most of the people in attendance are there to forge and brainstorm solutions to major issues; try to add value to these ideas, give feedback to others’ problems, ask questions. You will be surprised how much you can gain from engaging in a selfless way. It never hurts to end a conversation with, “What can I do for you?”

4. Act immediately

It’s not uncommon to allow your enthusiasm to die down once you leave the conference. Mitigate procrastination by writing down action items and implement them as soon as you possibly can. No matter how daunting your goals may seem, you will be one step closer to achieving them with each item you cross off that list.

5. Make lifelong friends

The women at Forbes Women’s Summit are just like you: action-oriented, innovative, and eager to create solutions. These are the type of people you want in your life: women who will encourage you to achieve and hold you accountable for your goals. Make a priority to meet people and stay in contact, form a mastermind or create a support group. Like-minded women are not easy to come by, keep them in your corner.

See the full Forbes Women’s Summit Guide.

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How to Prepare for Forbes Women’s Summit
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