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La Tomatina
Photo by Tomatina Festivals

The world’s largest food fight — the title alone is enough to attract travelers from all over the world. With more than 125 tons of tomatoes flying in all directions, La Tomatina attendees will leave the two-hour battle red from head to toe. The madness takes place in the small town of Buñol, roughly 25 miles west of the coastal city of Valencia. So how does one sort through the madness that is La Tomatina? Don’t turn red (yet), we have some tips that will show you the way.

1. Know your tickets options

Buying Tomatina tickets is confusing. There are a multitude of ticket packages that festival goers should study before they finalize their plans.

2. Pick out an outfit to destroy

Expect stains. Plan accordingly. This includes shoes!

3. Stay in Valencia

The city of Valencia is just 40 minutes from Buñol and offers plenty of exploring if you’re looking for something a little more conventional than getting covered in tomatoes. For our top accommodation picks, check out our complete La Tomatina Event Guide.

La Tomatina
Photo by Łukasz Lech

4. Warm up

How’s that shoulder? No one wants a “call to the bullpen” at La Tomatina.

5. Follow the rules

Don’t get funny and bring other objects to throw. You will be asked to leave the festival. The event is meant to be fun for all, so don’t be the one person who can’t play along.

6. Goggles help

Tomato juice in your eyes could slow things down. A solid pair of goggles can help you out there.

La Tomatina
Photo by La Tomatina de Buñol

7. Know your bus pickup point

If you took a bus from another city (almost everyone), remember when and where you’ll get picked up. The event can be disorienting so know your landmarks.

8. Know your history

The event traces its roots back to 1945 when a fight broke out after a child accidentally tripped and bumped into someone in the street. Townspeople began throwing tomatoes and after the children organized a revenge attack the next year, the tradition took off.

9. Don’t miss the afterparty

If you’re looking for a little more conventional fun after being hit in the face with tomato paste, check out La Tomatina’s afterparty.

For more info on Tomatina, read the full La Tomatina Guide.

La Tomatina Pro Tips
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  1. Ah awesome tips! I’m attending La Tomatina for the first time this year and just booked with Stoke Travel so I’m super excited, they seem like a really fun company! Am definitely going to invest in some googles though!

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