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Every city has a story that goes undiscovered by most travelers – mysteries that can only be revealed by the locals. AllTheRooms is sitting down with those locals to show you the enchanting places that exist beyond your guidebook.

By franz12

We interviewed Munich resident, Christian Roos, to learn more about what he believes makes the city so special.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Hamburg, studied in Sweden and Japan, became a husband and father in Munich and now call Berlin home. After my 6 years in Munich, I am happy to show you around with my guide. There are so many hidden places to discover, so many restaurants and cafes to enjoy and so much nature to experience. You will love it.

What are the people like in Munich?

Munich people are originals! The people are pretty chill and the atmosphere, in general, is very relaxed. It may take a while to understand the Bavarians personality: their rough nature is their expression of being honest, authentic and super funny! Find them in one of the many beer gardens, like Wiener Platz for example, grab a beer and enjoy the stories.

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What makes Munich special?

Munich is like a small island surrounded by nature.  I love being in nature, discovering the Alps, the many lakes, the Isar and all the small restaurants around Munich.

What’s a must-do activity in Munich?

One thing you must do when you’re in Munich is to head to the top of Alter Peter(close to Marienplatz), where you’ll get the most epic view of the city.  You will need to climb a good amount of stairs, but the view is definitely worth it. Buy a Leberkas Semmel at Viktualienmarkt to reward yourself at the top.

What are your favorite things to do in Munich?

Buy an Augustiner beer at the shop at Reichenbach bridge, then go to have a swim in the Isar. Grab a drink at Goldene Bar and walk around in the English Garden. Play Boule in the Hofgarten.

By Matej Kastelic

What are useful sites/apps to find information about Munich?

I recommend the site Nectarandpulse to get the best tips for the city and its surroundings. To discover the best events in the city go to Muenchen.Mitvergnuegen. To learn about nature and the Alps, check out Munich And The Mountains for information.

What is something you really want people to know about Munich?

Munich reflects German history like nowhere else. Take your time and sit down on the stairs at Königsplatz and dive into the spirit of the past.

What’s a good day-trip that a visitor could take outside of the city?

Pick a lake and go swimming! My favorite lake is Walchensee – it takes about an hour to get to, but it is absolutely worth it. You can even rent a boat and discover the entire lake.

By Traveller Martin

Want to know more about Christian and his life? Check out his site

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A Local’s Guide to Munich
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