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People come to Anguilla looking for tranquility, luxury, snow-colored beaches, turquoise water and those tropical breezes that carry reggae music and smells of barbecue down the beach to your lounge chair. So, let’s give the people want they want. Here are our top picks for the most luxurious Anguilla Airbnb villas.

Note: Anguilla was heavily damaged by Hurricane Irma in September 2017. Despite the damage, the island is making a rapid recovery and is open for tourists.

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Spyglass Hill Villa

This one is tough to beat. Imagine waking up, eating breakfast with this view out over the beach and then taking a few laps in the pool before heading down to the water. Oh and we’re willing to bet that the view at sunset is worth catching as well. Its location in The Valley is excellent and four bedrooms mean there’s room for up to 8.

anguilla airbnb villas

Ocean Front Shoal Bay Villa

That being said, this waterfront home located a little further east along the shore in Shoal Bay, is tough competition. It sits up on a cliff looking out over beautiful reefs and so the views from the deck and pool area are excellent. We love the open air design of the house as well. With four bedrooms and five baths, the host is welcoming up to 12 guests.

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Villa Bianca in Island Harbour

Elevated views of the water is a theme and we can’t get enough. This house also sits up on a cliff and has a deck area that looks ideal for catching the sunset after a long day on the beach. The owners will have their staff take you from the airport to the villa as well, in case you needed to be reminded that your vacation is luxurious. This one’s a little smaller at three bedrooms.

anguilla airbnb villas
Photo by Richard

Waves Villa in Shoal Bay

Although the other pool setups are spectacular as well, this villa in Shoal Bay has our favorite. Perfectly positioned to let you catch the sunset while cooling down, the pool is something out of a dream. We also love the sharp interior design and the wood walkways out front. Three bedrooms and four beds mean there’s room for up to 8.

Where to stay in anguilla
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Private Condo Attached to a Villa

What if you want the villa experience but don’t need all that space and don’t quite have all that cash? This private condo is your perfect match. Cut the price tag but save the pool area and the panoramic views. You’re also just a ten-minute walk from the popular Rendezvous Beach.

airbnb villas in anguilla
Photo by Mindie

Private Room in a Soundy Ground Villa

And what if you want to stay in the villa itself, but still don’t need all that space? This room in a Sandy Ground villa offers excellent views of the bay below and just a quick walk down the hill puts your right on the beach.

anguilla airbnb villas
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