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So you’re new to the Airbnb game and you want to make sure your apartment is a hit. You put it on the market to host travelers and make a little extra money, but you’re concerned at the lack of interest so far. Fear not! We have some inside advice on how to make sure your Airbnb is occupied.

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Remember that your apartment isn’t the only one out there competing for travelers. To create a competitive edge, you have to know how to market. Start with marketing through social media. Starting on the “manage listings” section on your Airbnb page. Click on “Save to Wishlist” and select “more”. From there you can select the social media sites on which you want to share your apartment. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest can all be of help.

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Build Your Reputation

Airbnb’s are often booked through sites like our own where travelers are looking at a wide range of accommodation options. To rise to the top of the list on AllTheRooms, you have to have excellent ratings from your clients. The properties on the top of the list on sites like ours immediately stand out to accommodations searchers.

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How do I get to the top?

Of course, you want to be at the top of the list when travelers search for accommodations options in your area. But how do you get there? There are two keys. One: Start with a lower booking price. A low price is a simple and effective way to catch searchers’ attention. Two: Bust your butt to be a great host. Have standout photos, detailed descriptions and be ready to cater to your guests’ needs at the drop of a hat. Once your five-star ratings start piling up, the rest falls into place.

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Quick and consistent communication

An underrated part of a host’s responsibilities is communication. When a traveler inquires about your apartment, a quick response will serve you extremely well. It builds a feeling of trust between you and the traveler. It lets them know you are attentive and that they can count on you if something comes up. So check your email frequently, be sharp with your response times and watch your apartment fill up.

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How to Improve Your Airbnb Occupancy Rate
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