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Moonrise Festival Pro Tips
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Moonrise Festival is for the free-spirited, the dance fanatics, and of course, the electronic music lovers ready to be taken to a new galaxy. State of the art special effects and sounds produced from DJs all around the globe, mean you’ll have no choice but to channel your best dance moves under the moonlit sky. Here are a few expert tips to help you navigate it all.

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1. Dress accordingly

Grab your UFO pants, LED glasses, and a stack of glow in the dark accessories, because this party is all about celebrating under the moonlight. Keep in mind though, the party starts during the day, so layers are your friend. Sneakers are trendy, so use that to your advantage when it comes to comfort.

2. Learn about the venue

Moonrise features a huge lineup and multiple stages. You’re bound to have some must-sees, so it’s important you have an idea of the venue layout so that you don’t miss your favs!

3. Bring good vibes

The festival is all about creating a unique and special experience. Not only is it important to bring positive energy to Moonrise, but it’s even more important to surround yourself with good vibes. The group of people you’re with can be grounds for a make or break festival experience, so it’s important to choose wisely.

4. Embrace the theme

It’s all about the moon, the stars, and a lot of stellar music. How many times do you get to act like you’re in an alternative universe? This is the place to showcase all your lunar creativity.

5. Stay PLUR

It’s all about the PLUR, or peace, love, unity and respect. These are important principles and a huge part of this festival’s culture. Happy and positive vibes are welcomed, so bring your good energy to this party! Added benefit: Others might gravitate towards you, which means you may just leave with some really amazing new friends.

6. Know your limits

Moonrise Festival is an incredible party, and although you should come ready to experience it all, it’s important to know your limits. Don’t do anything that’s outside your comfort zone and don’t let anyone pressure you to either. Keep your trusted sources close and make the most of this party!

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Moonrise Festival Pro Tips
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