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Music Midtown Festival
Photo by Perry Julien

Music Midtown Festival brings some of the biggest names in rock, rap and pop to the ATL for a weekend in September. The festival is held in Northeast Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. Whether you’re a Midtown pro or a newcomer, we have a few pro tips that will leave you a few steps ahead of the crowd.

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1. Don’t drive!

Parking is a mess, there are plenty of public transit and walking options, and drinking and driving is a no-no. And if you’re staying in the city there are plenty of accommodations options within walking distance of the festival. Case closed.

2. Leave it behind

The festival is strict about what items can enter. If you don’t absolutely need it, leave it! Check the list of prohibited items before deciding.

3. Download the app

The smartphone app will update festival goers updates with the latest announcements.

4. You get only one wristband

Your ticket wristband is the only way in the festival. If you lose it, tough luck. You might be tempted to take it off after day one, but fight the urge.

5. Hydrate  

September still brings the heat in Atlanta. Having your own water bottle will keep you going strong.

6. Skip the lines, if you have the money

Midtown brings the crowds. Crowds mean lines. Lines in the heat are no fun. If you can afford it, a VIP ticket purchase means you wait in separate, shorter lines. It’s just one perk, but it’s a nice one. 

7. Whale Shark break

The Georgia Aquarium is the largest in the Western Hemisphere and fittingly calls the largest fish in the sea one of its residents. If you want to see Whale Sharks up close, then take a break from the festival and check it out

Music Midtown Festival Pro Tips
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