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New York Comic Con Pro Tips
Photo by New York Comic Con

This year’s New York Comic Con is back and set to be more awesome than ever! Every year thousands of veterans and first-timers head to New York for a jam-packed weekend of cosplay, panel talks, events and celebrity autograph signings. Here are our top tips to help you make the most of the weekend.

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1. Get ‘appy

Download the official New York Comic Con App before you head to the event. The app features the times and locations of events, panels and autograph signings. It has a ‘My Shows’ section that allows you to plan your weekend with ease.

2. Be an early bird

If there’s a particular event or panel that you want to see start queuing with plenty of time. The panels can get full really quickly and you don’t want to miss your favorite comic writer speak.

3. Take a free shuttle

New York Comic Con will be running a free shuttle service between locations such as Times Square and Grand Central Station. Check out the New York Comic Con shuttle routes and schedule.

4. Look after your feet

You’re guaranteed to be on your feet all day as you walk around the convention center. Think smart and wear comfy shoes.

5. Dress to impress

A lot of people attend New York Comic Con in cosplay outfits, so get creative and go dressed as your favorite character.

6. Bring cash

ATM queues are super long at the venue and in the past they’ve been known to run-out of money. Skip the queues and bring enough cash to float you for the day.

7. Beat the crowds

There aren’t many food and drink options at New York Comic Con. Come prepared with a packed lunch and something to drink.

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New York Comic Con Pro Tips
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