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Paradiso Festival 2017 is known as the place where paradise meets music. With awesome electronic music acts, such as Alan Walker, Baauer and Bijou, and breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge, it’s easy to see why the festival is a total sell-out. Here are our Paradiso Festival top tips.

1. Keep hydrated

There are plenty of free water stations located throughout the festival site. You can purchase a reusable water bottle at the site and the bottles can be reused at Paradiso festivals in the future.

Photo by MartinaFotos

2. Get listening

Check out the Paradiso Festival 2017 Spotify playlist ahead of the festival.

3. Think about the environment

There will be a team of Green volunteers at the festival helping to raise environmental awareness. Check out the fun programs to help incentivize you to be green, such as the chance to win apparel and festival passes.

4. Long lines

Lines for the campground are extra long on Thursday and Friday due to vehicle searches – so come prepared to wait for a few hours.

5. Check the map

Hold on to the map you are given when you enter the festival, it will show you the festival site and handy bits of information such as the location of ATMs and toilets.

6. Reserve a locker

Reserve a locker ahead of the festival. A two-day locker rental is $35 and one-day locker rental with charger is $40.

7. No parking fees

The cost of parking is already included in your ticket price and the site has ample parking

8. Stay clean

Hot showers cost $3 a pop.

9. Read-up

Read our article on Paradiso Festival Event Tips for all the information you need to help make the most of the festival weekend.

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