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Read the latest news & press about lodging near Pokémon. Compare hotel prices, and travel to top destinations to capture rare characters, such as Ghastly, Ditto, Koffing, Lapras and Mewtwo.

All The Rooms is an accommodations meta search engine that empowers end-users to search and book couches, hostels, 5-star hotels, villas, yachts, yurts and igloos.

AllTheRooms in the New York Times, Tnooz and WIT

UPDATE: 8/16/16

Attention PokéMon Trainers: A New Booking Engine Displays PokéMon in Accommodations’ Range: If your desire to globetrot is as strong as your desire to catch ’em all, you’re in luck! Travel search engine has added a feature to its website called PokéView that allows users to see various types of Pokémon Go characters nearby. [Frugal Travel Guy]

Letter from Australia: Pokemon On The Go: According to this New York Times article, “the website, which aims to function like the Google of accommodations searches, compiling all rooms available in a location from Couchsurfing and Airbnb accommodations to hotels and houseboats, also notes the proximity of stationary Poke “gyms” and “Poké stops,” places where players may spend more time”. [WIT]

Pokémon Go activity becomes another way to search for accommodations: So, eager to capture the (temporary?) mood of a Pokémon -playing world, accommodation metasearch engine AllTheRooms has created a specific channel and filter so that users can discover what figures are either located or nearby to a property. [Tnooz]

Playing Pokémon Go on the Road? A Website Can Help With Rooms: For travelers seeking to score some out-of-town Pokémon with the popular Pokémon Go game, the search engine has added a PokéView filter. Though the Pokémon critters tend to move around, using the filter during a room search shows the number of Pokémon within a radius of about 500 feet at the time of the search, specifying the type and number of Pokémon in that range. [The New York Times]

What does Pokemon Go mean for the travel industry?: But what makes Pokemon Go different from its predecessors is that it hasn’t created a virtual world entirely separate from the real world, it has created a virtual world overlaid atop the real world, and it has done so exceptionally well. [Tnooz]


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