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In the land down under, there’s no shortage of incredible things to do. From exploring the beautiful rock and reef formations, both on land and in the water, to exploring the rich culture and heritage, visitors won’t want to leave. Below, find six of the best things to see in Sydney:


Aboriginal Cultural Cruise

Enjoy a three-hour harbor cruise by Aboriginal guides, while learning about traditional fishing and food gathering methods. You can immerse yourself in Aboriginal history and experience a cultural performance.




Kayaking Sydney Harbor

Experience paradise and kayak your way through the beautiful waters of the Sydney Harbor. Traveling by kayak, you’ll be able to visit off-the-beaten-path beaches and experience the breathtaking scenery of Sydney. There are a ton of kayaking tours of the harbor that you’ll be able to choose from, but we think ones from Manly Kayaking Centre are pretty cool.kayaking-1



Sydney Opera House

At the intersection of art, history, and culture, the Sydney Opera House is a must-visit. Enjoy an outstanding orchestra, a classic opera or a reimagined Shakespeare piece. As one of the most notorious sites in Sydney, this stop is a great experience for the whole family.





A quirky and chic restaurant located in Chippendale, Ester offers a delicious plethora of entrees and drinks. With a hip menu and sleek design, you’ll be sure to have a great time on your night out.




Pacha Sydney

Travelers can enjoy the thrilling Sydney nightlife at Pacha Sydney. Grab your friends for a night on the town, good music, performances, and drinks.


12:40AM. View from the front podium

Bondi Beach

Soak up the sun at one of Australia’s most photographed places, the stunning Bondi Beach. Beach-goers can enjoy a relaxing afternoon laying on the sand or seek your surfing thrill on the gorgeous blue waves.bondi-1



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Six of the Best Things to See in Sydney
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