People researching tips about their next big trip can find themselves drowning in a hopeless search for the best deals, the most trustworthy advice, and the best way to find a place to sleep. In the last decade or so, many companies have emerged to try to organize this information into a manageable resource. This is especially true in the travel and tourism industry. Luckily, sites have emerged that cater to every specific kind of traveler, giving each one the information they need for the kind of adventure they want to have. There are travel sites offering accommodation options for families with kids or pets, travelers on a tight budget, people looking to rent an entire house or apartment, those looking to relax and those looking to party. For those who love to stay in hostels, there’s one site that stands out in particular —

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The World of Hostels

A hostel offers the option to rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory area while sharing common areas such as kitchen, bathroom, and social space. Many hostels also offer the option to rent private rooms with private bathrooms. The social aspect of a hostel makes it an especially appealing option for travelers looking to socialize.

The site launched in 1999 offering a channel for hostels and budget accommodation. Since then, has continued to grow, acquiring in 2003 and WorldRes in 2005. Today, the company provides its service in more than 170 countries, with over 35,000 properties.’s website features a user-friendly interface with search options and filters including the type of room (single, private, bunk bed, etc), price range, and facilities (WiFi, pool, luggage storage). One of the main features is the option to sort by the hostel rating so visitors can confidently book knowing the hostel has the seal of approval from fellow travelers.


Hostel-ing Around

This Dublin -based company is a leader in the social-travel accommodation industry and has offices in London , Shanghai, Sydney, Seoul, and Porto. Its main target market includes people who travel the world on a budget, usually younger (18-35 years-old) and looking to socialize with other travelers during their trip. These adventurers usually plan trips that include many cities, so prefer to rent a less expensive room or bed in each place.

Hostels tend to cater to groups, from small groups or couples to larger groups from schools, and organizations. As a result, offers group bookings for groups of nine people or more. Guest can also specify how big their group is, what age-groups the travelers belong to, and whether they are from a business, friends or even celebrating a bachelor party.

An additional bonus is that offers a Booking Guarantee that will refund your money and give you an extra 50 dollars towards a reservation if you are unhappy with your stay. To add to the convenience, also provides the option to book car rentals, airport transfer services, travel insurance and even flights. All these features are also available in the apps.

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Hostel-ing Ahead

Since its launch in 1999, has become a prime example of growth and expansion. The company has evolved from its past as a hostel-focused provider to the present as a major player in the travel industry, now offering campsites as well as car rental, flight booking, and more.

Not only has grown but the hostel industry itself has evolved exponentially. Some years ago, booking a hostel posed a risk of not having high-quality service or having facilities that lack amenities and reliance. Luckily, hostels nowadays are much more trendy and users enjoy having modern rooms, friendly service, and access to spas, cocktail bars, swimming pools, breakfast, and restaurants.

This evolution is due in part to the services provided by sites like that have created a platform to regulate and standardize the minimum-accepted features a hostel should have.

The industry will continue to evolve as hostels (and other accommodation types) fight to get ahead of the curve by offering more services and amenities. Websites like that provide a platform where all providers come together and users decide, will continue to push towards this direction.

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