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New Netflix Series

Do you want to kick back on a Caribbean beach on the profits of your successful home rental? If so, you’ll need to know how to turn your rental property into a showstopper. Luckily, Netflix’s new series, ‘Stay Here’, will help you do just that.

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Unique AllTheRooms’ data

Using our unique AllTheRooms data, ‘Stay Here’ gets into the specifics of how to be successful in the home rental market. The show, which is a reality-show-come-real-estate series, is presented by top designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert and blogger Peter Lorimer.

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The two give valuable tips and advice on how to transform home rentals, increase occupancy rates and thus increase gross profit. We are happy to announce that AllTheRooms supplied Netflix with never-before-seen data on the vacation rental market, helping the show to paint a full picture of the home rental market.

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Maximize property potential

In the series, presenters Gorder and Lorimer visit several cities and take a look at cool and unique Airbnb listings that have received poor reviews from guests and have definitely not been maximizing their potential. Some of the properties visited in ‘Stay Here’ include a converted fire station and a coach house built several centuries ago. Despite the unique and quirky potential of the listings, some of the owners have been on the verge of despair due to disappointing ratings.

By Netflix

Lucrative business opportunity

That’s where Gorder and Lormier come in. The show helps property owners spruce up their home rental, to successfully market their property and turn it into a lucrative business opportunity. All eight episodes will officially air worldwide on Netflix, August 17th. AllTheRooms data and logo appear in every episode, as well as co-founder Joe DiTomaso appearing in the Washington D.C. scene. AllTheRooms also appears in the credits as advisors to the series. The show will air in 190 countries, in over 30 languages with an audience of over 200 million subscribers.

By Netflix

Are you looking to maximize the potential of your home rental? Perhaps you just love a good makeover story. Whatever your motivation, get the lowdown with ‘Stay Here’.

‘Stay Here’ AllTheRooms’ Netflix Premiere
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  1. Kay Stevens

    I have a property that I would love to turn into a short turn rental. It is an old school with lots of potential. How would I have an opportunity to get some help or input from Genevieve and Peter?

    • Marianne Lins

      I want to know the same thing. How does one offer their STR to Genevieve and Peter for a makeover? I understand I would be paying for the renovations…

    • Grace Brennan

      Hi Kay and Marianne,
      Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, AllTheRooms can’t help with applications for the show. Please contact Netflix or ‘Stay Here’ directly for your chance to feature.
      Hopefully we see your property soon!

  2. Hi, Seen the show on Netflix and really want to get my hands in the wonderful picture in the Malibu beach house – black and white, with Indian hands.. Any suggestions? Thanks, Nina

  3. Hello,
    I’m interested in design suggestions for a property I own in Richmond Vt

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