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The Super Bowl is headed to Minneapolis and it’ll bring plenty of chaos with it. We love the Super Bowl, don’t get us wrong, but from an accommodations standpoint, it causes some problems. The Twin Cities will become somewhat of a zoo when game day rolls around and getting the room you want will become a serious competition. The solution? Get ahead and scout what’s available. As an accommodation website, we have all the tools to help you beat the crowds and save the gameday stress for the game itself.

Before we start, remember that prices skyrocket for this week. We’re out to find you the best deals out there, but no matter where you look, prices in Minneapolis and St. Paul will be steeper than any other week of the year. We’ll start out with the downtown pricier options that save you the traffic on game day, and we’ll finish with a couple options across the river that cut the price significantly but task you with finding a route to the stadium. With that, here are our top picks for where to stay for the Super Bowl.

Downtown Options

Urban Forest Hideaway

An “Urban Forest Hideaway” sounds pretty ideal for when the Twin Cities turn into a cyclone of fandom. It’s a ten-minute walk from U.S. Bank Stadium, its two bedrooms make a perfect setup for two fan couples, and it’s privacy make it an excellent escape. Like we said, be ready to pay a steep price, but in the accommodations quality search, this apartment is hard to beat.

Hardwood Row Apartment

Where to stay for the Super Bowl
Photo by Abou

Around the corner from the Forest Hideaway, this downtown one-bedroom apartment is a smaller, simpler version. Similarly, the location is excellent and you can dodge high uber fares and gameday traffic with a quick walk to the stadium. We also like the easy freeway access in case you want to make a quick exit on Monday. The apartment gets five-star reviews and the host has plenty of experience and a perfect response rate. Not a bad mix.

Three-bedroom Duplex

Super Bowl Minneapolis
Photo by Trisha

Let’s keep the downtown theme going. Location is critical in this equation and downtown is the place to be. This three-bedroom duplex gives you and your crew a little more space for pre-game prep and post-game rest. The three bedrooms hold five beds so this is a spot for the group effort. Previous guests gave five-star reviews and the hosts have a perfect response rate.

Across the River Options

Prospect Park Three-Bedroom Home

Super Bowl MN
Photo by Vrbo

Here’s the deal with this three-bedroom home across the river. You get a steep drop in price, but you don’t have the easy trip to the stadium. It’s just across the Mississippi, but you’ll have to take public transportation, Uber, or see if you can score a ride from a ticket-holder in the area. The house itself is extremely charming and will provide a nice break from the more hectic downtown scene.

Four-bedroom Home in Como

Super Bowl MN
Photo by Angie

This four-bedroom house takes your further out of the city but offers plenty of space for a low price. It’s a one-story simple home, but the finished basement adds plenty of extra space. The stadium is about five miles away so still easily within striking distance. With rates in downtown increasing by the day, this option will likely look better and better.

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