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So your team is headed to the Taxslayer Bowl and you’re freezing at home. Jacksonville is probably about 70 degrees and sunny. Need we say more? Let’s head to Jacksonville. After you pack your jerseys, paint your signs, and scope out ideal tailgating areas around EverBank Field, you should probably put some thought into where it is you’ll rest your head before and after the game. So you handle all the pregame preparations, scouting reports, barbecue materials etc. and leave the accommodations search to us. With that, here are our top picks for the fans out there wondering where to stay for the Taxslayer Bowl.

Airbnb across the river from EverBank Field

where to stay for the taxslayer bowl
Photo by Maxwell

If you’re traveling with a small group of friends and proximity to the stadium is a high priority, this two-bedroom home in the San Marco neighborhood is a sure go. The stadium is just across the river which is excellent news for those planning on ferrying tailgate materials from their accommodation to the stadium. The San Marco neighborhood is also full of great restaurant options for when you’re not quite up for another burger and beer. The hosts get five-star reviews across the board from past guests. Five can stay comfortably.

Downtown modern apartment

where to stay for the taxslayer bowl
Photo by Ashleigh

This downtown Jacksonville apartment puts you just blocks from the stadium and brings you to the front of the line when it comes to checking out the downtown bar postgame bar scene. The apartment has both a king and a queen size bed and the host says up to four can stay comfortably. The views of the city are a nice bonus and previous guests have nothing but good things to say in the reviews.

Hilton Garden Inn

where to stay for the taxslayer bowl
Photo by Jacksonville Hilton Garden Inn

Also across the St. Johns River in the San Marco neighborhood, the Jacksonville Hilton Garden Inn is for fans who want the location, but don’t feel quite as comfortable in the Airbnb world. The Hilton gets strong reviews and gives you gives you the “we know exactly what we’re paying for” feeling. Odds are that it will be full of fans, so that will add a little more to the bowl game experience.

Bedroom down the street from EverBank Field

where to stay for the taxslayer bowl
Photo by Jenny

This simple one-bedroom apartment is located right down the street from the stadium and would be perfect for a diehard fan couple. The hosts describe the room as a crash-pad so expect the bare minimum, but expect it to be well-cared for and ready when you arrive. The reviews are good and you will miss the traffic when it comes time to pack up the tailgate and head home. It’s hard to put a price on missing bowl game traffic.

The Lodge and Club at Ponte Vedra Beach

where to stay for the taxslayer bowl
Photo by The Lodge & Club at Ponte Vedra Beach

For those of you looking to fully escape the cold and spend a little time at the beach before and after the game, The Lodge and Club at Ponte Vedra Beach is a standout. A four-star hotel right on the beach (about 40 minutes from the stadium), staying at The Lodge will add another dimension to your vacation. You can even get dinner while looking out over the water. Sounds like a decent New Year’s escape to us. Note that you won’t have the typical beach heat that you’ll find in the area during other seasons, but if you’re coming from up north we doubt this will bother you too much.

The Holiday Inn Express Jacksonville Beach

If you’re excited about beach access, but slightly less enthused about four-star hotel prices, the Holiday Inn Express Jacksonville Beach is an excellent alternative. It’s just a few blocks from Jacksonville Beach and the 30-minute drive is a small price to pay for a little sand between your toes in December.

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