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You’re making your final packing list and staring at your laptop wondering if it deserves a place in your bag. Divvying up suitcase is a tough game, we know. Lucky for you, we have some answers when it comes to the “should I take my laptop on my trip?” question. But to answer your question, first, we have a few questions for you.

How will you use your laptop?

When asking the “should I take my laptop on my trip” question, you have to think about purpose. If you need to work while on the road or at your destination, then yes, bring it. Doing everything on your phone can be awkward if you have to go through powerpoints or excel spreadsheets, having a laptop handy can save you some headaches. If you’re free from work and your laptop would just be for photo editing or watching movies, leave it behind!

By tommaso79

Is it safe?

Laptops are expensive and sometimes fragile. If you’re headed to a destination where you’re concerned about thieves, then think twice. A laptop is a good target. Same goes for trips that call for some “bumpier” travel. Hiking through the jungle or up mountains with your laptop in your backpack just doesn’t work.

By George Rudy

Can your phone do it?

Smartphones can cover a lot of ground. Bringing your laptop to do something that your phone can do is a rookie mistake.

What’s your transportation situation?

Long plane rides are laptop-friendly. Bumpy bus rides not so much. Know your transportation well.

What’s on your laptop?

In the event that you lose or break your laptop, you need to think about what you might go with it. If you have precious photos and documents saved on that laptop and that laptop only, move carefully. Laptops get lost and stolen. It happens. Know the potential damage and calculate.

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Should I Take My Laptop on My Trip?
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