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If you’re a fan of beaches, the island of Dominica in the Caribbean has it all. Dominica is known for its mixture of rugged, dark sandy beaches and classic white-sand Caribbean beaches. A holiday to Dominica usually consists of a relaxing stay in one of the island’s many resorts, where you can sip cocktails and eat delicious seafood to your heart’s content. We’ve rounded up the six best beaches in Dominica:

By West Coast Scapes

1. Champagne Beach

Let the celebrations begin! Yes, there really is a beach called Champagne Beach on the island, and it’s one of Dominica’s most stunning. The beach is known for its bubbling waters (hence its name) as the sea lies above hot springs, meaning that going for a swim is like taking a dip in a warm hot tub. Local marine life loves the warm waters, so be sure to bring your snorkel to catch a glimpse of the tropical fish. It’s also a great place for some scuba diving, for the more advanced divers. The beach is beautifully diverse, with rocks and it has crystal clear turquoise water.

By visualpower

2. Pointe Baptiste

Pointe Baptiste is located on the northern coast of the island. The beach offers stunning views out to the sea of surrounding red rocks and other nearby Caribbean islands such as Guadeloupe and Les Saintes. It’s surrounded by a backdrop of coconut trees, where you can find shade during the midday heat — just be sure to keep an eye out for falling coconuts!

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3. Mero Beach

Mero Beach is Dominica’s most popular beach thanks to its proximity to the island’s capital city of Roseau. The busy beach is packed with bars, music and tasty restaurants and it’s a great place to party and have fun. The beach has black sand and warm, calm waters alongside public restrooms and facilities. The beach is located near to some of the island’s top all-inclusive resorts and draws a big crowd.

By Leonardo Maia Durante

4. Batibou Beach

It’s no wonder the directors of the Hollywood hit Pirates of the Caribbean chose Batibou Beach as one of their filming locations. To get to the beach, you’ll need to hike for fifteen minutes through rocky terrain, meaning the beach is very secluded. The sea is choppy and it’s a nice place to paddle, although it could be dangerous to swim too far out due to the large waves. It’s a beautiful gray sand beach, surrounded by coconut palms.

By Stephanie Rousseau

5. Douglas Bay

Douglas Bay is one of the best beaches in Dominica due to it’s stunning, white sand beach that’s part of Cabrits National Park. The beach is relatively off-the-beaten-track and you might have the whole place to yourself if you visit during the off-season. The beach attracts tons of tropical fish and is a great place for a spot of snorkeling.

By evenfh

6. Purple Turtle Beach

Purple Bay is a beach filled with fun activities. From dancing to local reggae bands to playing volleyball and doing water sports like jet-skiing or kayaking, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. The beach lies to the north of the island, near to one of the island’s largest towns, Portsmouth. It boasts brown sand and warm, blue waters.

By Elizabeth Carpenter
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