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On a trip to Netherlands’ capital city, you might want to invest in an I amsterdam City CardWith one fixed payment for the City Card, you’ll get to experience a wide variety of cultural activities within the city at no additional cost. But, whether you buy the pass or not, these are the top 5 things you must  do in Amsterdam.

1. Canal Cruise

things to do in Amsterdam
Photo by Kennisland

With Amsterdam’s intricate web of canals, how could you resist exploring the city by boat? Enjoy a luxurious and romantic evening on a cruise with wine and food or see the sights of Amsterdam on hop-on hop-off daytime tours. Whichever way you choose to coast through the canals, you won’t regret the tranquil and unique perspective of the city.

2. Museumplein

things to do in Amsterdam
Photo by Kevin Gessner

Museumplein is the most cultural part of the city.  The city’s best-known museums are the Rijksmuseum, which contains works of art illustrating 800 years of Dutch and world art history, and the Van Gogh Museum, an expansive collection of the artist’s impressionist paintings, landscapes, and others. For contemporary art, check out the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. And in between museuming, enjoy the open square, with its markets, exhibitions and paddling pool or ice rink, depending on the season.

3. Anne Frank House

things to do in Amsterdam
Photo by Lauren Jankowski

Get to know the world of Anne Frank, the young girl whose diary told of her experience hiding here with her family for two years during World War II. The front of the house is set up with museum exhibits that describe the Nazi persecution during that time period. The back of the house is preserved as it was during Anne Frank’s life. Arrive early to beat the lines.

4. Microbrewery with a Spin on it

things to do in Amsterdam
Photo by Chandler Thompson

A few artisan microbreweries have popped up in Amsterdam in recent years, but none quite like Brouwerj’t IJ.  This microbrewery is located under a windmill and offers certified organic beers with varieties of seasonal and special event beers, all to be enjoyed on the pleasant outdoor terrace. What more could a beer lover want?

5. Serene Escape in the City

things to do in Amsterdam
Photo by ed4553

The secret courtyard of Begijnhof, previously a closed community of religious women, is one of Amsterdam’s hidden treasures. This peaceful haven provides a surreal escape from the bustle of city life. Visit the Reformed English Church to get a taste of what life was for these women dating back to the 14th century.

Amsterdam Tourism Pro-tips

Get to the city: The easiest way to get from Amsterdam airport to the city is by taxi. Check the service of Book a Taxi, it’s comfortable, has a fair price and totally safe!

Ride a bike: This city has more bicycles than people, so it’s no wonder bike routes are well-mapped and connected throughout the city. In Amsterdam, cycling is a way of life, so live like a local and pedal onwards.

Smell the flowers: In a city famous for its tulips, you’d be missing out if you didn’t buy flowers in Amsterdam’s floating flower market, Bloemnmarkt, and visit the tulip fields in Bollenstreek.

Strike a pose: Call it a tacky tourist stop if you want, but don’t be too much of a snob to take the iconic tourist photo in front of the “I amsterdam” letters. Go for the shoot, but good luck getting the space to yourself.

things to do in Amsterdam

Photo by CaBLe27

Cruise through canals and immerse yourself in the rich culture and chequered history of this prominent city with these top 5 things to do in Amsterdam
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Top 5 Things to do in Amsterdam
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