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Does anything beat those warm summer nights in Los Angeles, when there’s a feeling in the air that anything is possible? If you can’t get into one of the city’s exclusive star parties and rub shoulders with Hollywood’s elite, don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of awesome things to do in LA at night:

1. Climb Up to Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is one of the best places to view the twinkling LA skyline. It’s home to a late night observation deck and if you arrive early enough, you’ll catch an incredible view of the sunset. The observatory sits on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, so if you’re not opposed to an uphill walk, the hike is well worth it.

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2. Stroll Down Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier is a great evening spot. It’s home to neon lights, music, and the iconic Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel lights up at night. Whether you’re looking for a romantic stroll, or just want to sit down and soak up the atmosphere with a group of friends, it’s definitely one of the top things to do in LA at night.

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3. Hit the Street Food Cinema

If you love movies and street food, LA’s street food cinema is the perfect place to combine both. It’s an outdoor cinema located in Exposition Park and is packed with food trucks serving cuisine from all over the world, alongside plenty of places offering sweet and savory cinema snacks. Alternatively, if you find it hard to concentrate on a whole movie, you can just lie beneath the stars and relax.

4. Go on a Downtown Art Walk

If you want to do something different with your evening, head to the Downtown art walk, which is a monthly event that takes place every second Thursday. It’s a free, self-guided walking tour that explores the historic streets of LA. Along the way, you’ll pass galleries, artist studios, installations, and art pop-ups. As it’s nighttime, the walk gets paired with bar hopping and drinking, which creates a bit of a party atmosphere.

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5. Head to Bowlmor Santa Monica

Head to Bowlmor Santa Monica for a night of fun bowling and delicious food. The bowling alley features 24 lanes of black-lit bowling, and there’s an awesome dinner and drinks menu when you’re in need of some fuel.

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6. Universal City Walk

Head to the Universal City Walk, which runs adjacent to Universal Studios. It’s a walkway that truly comes to life at night and you can find restaurants, street vendors, neon lights, and fun activities here. The best bit is that it’s free to enter, you don’t have to buy an entry ticket to Universal Studios.

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7. Eat in Chinatown

There’s something really special about LA’s Chinatown at night, and during summertime, you can find cool parties taking place in Chinatown, hosted by local radio station KCRW. There’s music, drinks, and nibbles, and is perfect for socializing with LA’s coolest crowd.

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8. Late Night Donuts

Whether you want something sweet after dinner, or if you’re leaving a club at 3 am with a craving, California Donuts is open 24-hours and it’s always ready to give you a sugar-fix. California Donuts is located in Koreatown and you’ll find brightly colored, eccentrically topped donuts to satisfy any hunger.

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9. Go Clubbing on Sunset Strip

If you’ve already given up on the idea of being invited to an elusive Hollywood party and accepted the fate of a regular human, you’ll find hundreds of people at one of the many clubs and bars on LA’s Sunset Strip. These places play mainstream pop and R&B and will have you dancing all night long.

Here are some more cool, daytime things to do in LA, or if you want to relax, you can kick back on one of Los Angeles’ best beaches.

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10. Explore the Haunted Queen Mary Ship at Night

The Queen Mary is a retired British ocean liner that sits on Long Beach. You can sign up to a night tour of the ship where you can find out more about the haunted history — it’s known as the world’s most haunted ship, so only visit if you dare! You’ll hear stories of murder, lust, and robbery.

11. Go for a Group Night Run

Everyone knows that LA is one of the most health-conscious places in the US, so why not embrace exercise and go on a group night run. Not only will the temperature be a lot more bearable, but you can also work up an appetite before hitting one of the city’s amazing restaurants.

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