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Low battery, delayed flights, and canceled reservations are the bane of business traveler’s existence. Here are three essential for business travelers to avoid these common headaches.

A portable battery pack

A fully charged battery pack can save your dying laptop or phone and for that reason makes the top of our essentials for any business traveler’s list. Battery packs are small, affordable, and nothing less than critical when you’re sending out your last email but that red battery low warning is flashing.

Essentials for business travelers
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Flightstats application for smartphones

Unfortunately, flight delays are out of your control. The best you can do is know when one is coming and adapt. Flightstats lets travelers check the statuses of flights around the world. If your flight is delayed you’ll know immediately and can let your boss (or client or partner) know you’ll be a few hours late. You can also check flight paths to see whether or not that storm heading south is going to affect you.

Google Trips application

Google Trips is like having your very own travel secretary. Flight, hotel and car reservations can be kept all in one place. Talk about an organization upgrade. It can even give you location-based suggestions for activities and restaurants if you have a little free time after the meeting. So forget the days of botched reservations, because you don’t have time for that, do you?
For more suggestions on great travel apps, check out our list of the best travel apps for smartphones.

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What Are Three Essentials for Business Travelers?
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