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There are plenty of moms out there balancing the business and family life. But Pop Warner games in California are hard to catch when you have a conference in New York. It’s a constant juggling act. So what are some tips for business traveling moms?

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Start with solid communication before the trip. Let your family know when you’re leaving, where you’re going and for how long. Surprises (on the departure end) are big losses in this game. Families can adjust when they know what’s coming, so give yours a fair chance.

Let them know what Mom does

Why are you traveling to New York? Is it to land a new client? Is it to meet a new business partner? Your family might be curious and letting them know why you’re traveling might make them understand your obligation and feel a little closer to you.

Gifts never hurt

Picking up a little something in that far off city lets your family know that you were thinking of them.


Coming home with a few photos can bring the trip to life. Let your kids flip through your phone when you get home. It shows them new parts of the country/world and again, lets them know you were thinking of them.

Sprinkle a vacation in there

The kids are going to want to come with. Every once in awhile you can make that dream a reality and plan a family trip. You’re an expert on the road so apply your skill on the family vacations as well.

Become a tech wizard

Facetime, Snapchat, texting, email…the more family communication the better. If you have older kids you know they’re always on their phones. So a quick Snapchat or text is a great way to reach them instantly and stay connected while you’re on the road.

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Tips for Business Traveling Moms
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