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To plan your ideal spring break you first must choose the destination, and the only thing more exciting than having an entire week off of school is going international!

Mexico is the #1 spring break destination, so why look anywhere else? Anyway, when you’re choosing from the best of the best, not much can go wrong.

Compare these top 3 places in Mexico that offer a combination of party and relaxation, and get on the plane already!

Top 3 places in Mexico for Spring Break
Photo by Scott Webb

1. Puerto Vallarta

This small town’s beautiful landscape is a huge draw for spring break travelers, as pristine shores are lined by palm trees with mountainous backdrops. More than beauty by the beach, a few free attractions will help spice up your spring break stay. Spend time by the bay, adventure to the river-based island or peruse art sculptures in the heart of Puerto Vallarta. This increasingly popular Spring Break destination makes for a successful escape to Mexico with a tranquil and scenic atmosphere.

Top 3 places in Mexico for Spring Break
Photo by Tricia Bartkey

Banderas Bay

The Bahia de Banderas boasts golden sands and frequent dolphin and humpback whale sightings, as well as plenty of merchants along the shore. Pro-tip: don’t pay the quoted price for your souvenirs, haggle a bit.

Cuale River Island

The Isla Cuale is an island located in the middle of Cuale River, which divides the northern part of Puerto Vallarta from the south. This island is accessible by bridges and contains stalls with artisan crafts such as jewelry, hammocks, silver, and more. Check out the cultural center for music, dance and art or the Archaeological Museum of Cuale for some historical figurine collections.

Top 3 places in Mexico for Spring Break
Photo by Mora2008

The Malecón

El Malecón is Puerto Vallarta’s version of a seaside boardwalk, sans boards and is the heart of the town. The area is filled with bustling tourists, yet proudly displays the spirit of a more classic Mexico. Lined with sculptures, palm trees, restaurants and cafes, this attraction is not to be missed.

2. Cancun

Cancun is notorious for being the most popular destination for spring break. There are a lot of things to prepare for in choosing Cancun for your trip: the top thing being your liver. The city is full of beaches, loud shirtless men and loads of clubs. It has also become quite the international party scene, which has attracted some A-list DJs to the scene.

Top 3 places in Mexico for Spring Break
Photo by Cédric MEURENS

Chichén Itzá

These Mayan ruins are one of the most recognized sights in the Yucatán peninsula. Chichén Itzá is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to having been a focal point of Mayan civilization in the past. Though this attraction is quite overrun by tourists, it maintains the element of wonder with structures like El Castillo, a pyramid-like Mayan temple. It’s a break from the beaches that is well worth the trip.

Top 3 places in Mexico for Spring Break
Photo by staubs40

Coco Bongo

This nightclub features performances with acrobats, dancing, live bands and more along with flashing lights balloons and confetti creating an incredible party atmosphere all the while. This club is a different experience compared to the other Hotel Zone clubs that solely feature DJs and a dance floor. To expand to your nights of nonstop drinking and dancing, the additional theatrics of Coco Bongo might make for your best and most unique night out.

Top 3 places in Mexico for Spring Break
Photo by whatisjustis

Isla Mujeres

This small island is a short 8 miles from the Yucatán peninsula. The island makes a perfect escape from the wild shenanigans of Cancun. Check out the sea turtles at the local animal sanctuary and head to Playa del Norte to stretch out in the sun. Visit the mansion ruins of Hacienda Mundaca, a labor of love (literally) for a 19th-century slave trader.

Top 3 places in Mexico for Spring Break
Photo by Alex I

3. Playa del Carmen

Why spend your entire budget flying to a beach in Europe when you can get a similar experience right along the Yucatán Peninsula? Playa del Carmen is a closer destination that boasts the desirable “European vibe”. With beachside lounges and a nearby public square, this destination screams “take me to the playa“. Suitably, there are activities like snorkeling and scuba diving, as well as an outdoor “eco-park” and a couple of clubs to check out.

Top 3 places in Mexico for Spring Break
Photo by Giulia Fiori

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Whether snorkeling or diving in the waters of Playa, your time won’t be wasted as you observe the colorful schools of fish up close. Check out the most popular diving school in the area and head to nearby Isla Cozumel for the best diving spots.


This outdoor “eco-park” contains a dolphin aquarium, aviary, turtle sanctuary and a beach. Swim with dolphins, take a snorkel tour or hop on a speedboat. Xcaret produces events and performances that display a combination of Mexican culture with Mayan traditions. This includes a presentation of lights and colors with 300 performers taking you through the history of Mexico’s Mayan past.

Top 3 places in Mexico for Spring Break
Photo by Joaquin Moreno

Coralina Daylight & Blue Parrot

Check out these two clubs in Playa del Carmen, Coralina Daylight Club during the day and Blue Parrot Beach Club at night so you can keep the party going 24/7. Check out Coralina Daylight’s Ibiza-style atmosphere with access to multiple pools and plenty of music, dancing and drinking. Also, be sure to catch the fire show at Blue Parrot for some late-night entertainment.

Top 3 places in Mexico for Spring Break
Photo by ChloeFaith

Pro-tip: From Playa del Carmen and Cancun you can easily take a day trip to the city of Tulum to see some of the best preserved Mayan ruins in the country.


Between all the activities and sights at the top 3 destinations in Mexico, you don’t have to daydream about your ideal spring break. Your springtime getaway is bound to be perfect, once you’ve chosen your sweet spot. March is just around the corner – so bring on the beaches, drinking, clubs and whatever else your vacation brings!

Top destinations in Mexico for spring break. Between the parties, beaches and sites, you're guaranteed the perfect spring vacation. Travel Mexico. Ph: Chris Martino https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrismar
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The Top 3 Destinations in Mexico for Spring Break
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