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A recent survey of 18-25 year olds’ holiday habits by travel operator Contiki suggests  that travel destinations for Millennials depend on less the place itself and more experiences you have there, with over half agreeing that new cultures are the strongest motivator to travel, and 96 percent saying that experiences are the most important things in life. With top destinations like Canada and Iceland, millennials are going all around the world for unique travel experiences.

By Frank Vex

1. Canada

American millennials just ranked Canada the top travel destination for 2017. This year is Canada’s 150th birthday, which means parties and celebrations will be constant. In honor of the nation’s milestone, there is free admission to all national parks. The weak Canadian dollar, combined with the close proximity for American travelers, makes a group road trip through the country’s national parks more than appealing.

By Banter Snaps

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2. Mexico

With its vibrant culture and close proximity to the U.S., Mexico has placed as the second top country American millennials are most likely to visit over the next couple of years. Mexico is the closest travel destination for Americans that satisfies the millennial desire to get to know an entirely new culture. The U.S. dollar will also get you a long way in Mexico, making this country even more appealing for millennials on a budget.

By Jezael Melgoza

3. Italy

One of the top 5 countries for Americans to visit is Italy, with its rich gastronomy, beautiful architecture and popular tourist attractions. The most sought after experience for millennials traveling to Italy is learning to make pizza where pizza was created. On a trip to Italy, you can learn to pole a gondola in Venice and explore colorful villages on cliff-edges in Cinque Terre. Italy provides endless, unforgettable experiences for Millennials in just the way young people look for them.

By Candre Mandawe

4. Iceland

Iceland is a country that offers rare and unique experiences you can’t find anywhere else in the world, such as watching the Northern Lights and visiting a natural ice cave in a glacier. The top experience sought after by millennials in 2017 is bathing in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. It may sound gross to take a bath with over 50 people, but the minerals and heat in the water make it self-cleaning. Take a trip to Iceland a relax in the waters of this geothermal spa, admiring the gorgeous Icelandic landscape around you.

By Norris Niman

5. Peru

Hiking high up in the mountains to Peru’s Inca city Machu Picchu is the country’s top attraction, but it’s not the only draw that attracts young people. In this colorful country, there are many festivals, markets, and impressive food culture. Some unique experiences that millennials won’t want to miss are riding a dune buggy, exploring the wildlife of the Amazonian rainforest, and learning to prepare ceviche.

By Hans Luiggi
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