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European destinations

Gothic cathedrals, mouth-watering sweets, and romantic charm define the streets and sights of these European destinations, making them top picks for any traveler. Choose your favorite of the 5 best European destinations for your next vacation, and your biggest regret will be that return ticket home.

1. London

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This top European destination offers the best of modern life mixed with historic charm. The Tate Modern offers the best of modern art, while the British Museum and National Gallery are more traditional. Ride the “tube” around this massive metropolitan city to explore all parts of the city for cheap. Be sure to grab an ale or a cider in the bars to get a taste of British pub culture, and hit up one of London’s curry houses for a taste of London’s international culture.

2. Paris

European destinations
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The city of love, with its dazzling sights, rich cuisine, and romantic charm, is one for vacationers to fall in love with. Top attractions include Notre Dame, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower. For shopping, Paris has everything from Louis Vuitton to thrift shopping and flea markets in terms of fashion. Foodies will appreciate wine and cheese, and scavenging all cafes and brasseries for the best baguettes, macaroons, and chocolate croissants. Soak in the sights from the grassy hill of Montmartre in the evening, and view the Eiffel Tower’s glittering lights in the distance.

3. Florence

European destinations

Take a trip into the hills of Tuscany and discover Renaissance art of Brunelleschi and Michelangelo in this romantic Italian city. Visit the open-air museum, Loggia dei Lanzi, in the Piazza della Signoria, and the Duomo, in the heart of Florence. Sip a cappuccino in a cafe, devour a delectable pizza in one of Florence’s ristorantes, and indulge in gelato to really get to know the flavor of the city. You should also enjoy the city’s natural beauty, including the Bardini gardens.

4. Prague

European destinations

The Czech capital may be the ideal vacation destination for budget travelers, with the charm and beauty of other European cities at a lower price point. Prague’s hotels tend to be cheaper than those in other European destinations, and admission to several key sights is free of charge. Explore the impressive Prague Castle to admire a variety of architectural design and scenes of ancient times. Pass through the historical Old Town Square, to see musicians, dancers, and vendors that color the area. Visit the Charles Bridge, lined with 30 statues of saints, and be sure to go at sunrise for the best view without the tourist crowd. And if you’re looking for an exciting nightlife experience, be sure to check out, Karlovy Lázne, Prague’s well-known five-story nightclub.

5. Greek Islands

European destinations

With 2,000 plus islands boasting picturesque beaches, active volcanoes, and ancient ruins, it’s no wonder the Greek Islands are among the top beaches in Europe. Behold the whitewashed buildings and labyrinthine streets of Mykonos.  Or head to the famous Santorini island with its elegant, cube-shaped houses along staggering cliff faces. Stay for at least one sunset to experience the golden glow that sweeps these breathtaking island towns.

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