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where to stay in bhutan

So you’ve been around the world and seen it all. The usual sites are now, well, usual and that thrill of exploring a new place is calling you to more remote corners of the world. So where to? How about Bhutan? From the semitropical southern region to the mountainous northern region and its towering peaks, there’s plenty of room for the bold explorer to venture out into land that few foreigners have laid eyes on. Imagine hiking high the high altitude corridors looking for Bengal tigers or Himalayan black bears at 10,000 feet. Or picture yourself exploring ancient Buddhist temples tucked into mountainsides. Caught your interest? Thought so. Here are our picks for the top Airbnbs in Bhutan so you can have a place to rest after your days of exploring.

Zhingkam Cottages, Thimphu

airbnbs in bhutan
Photo by Kesang

Located in the western part of Bhutan just outside the capital city of Thimphu, these cottages are the perfect way to see the capital city and then enjoy the peace of the surrounding evergreen forests. We also like the sound of the Bhutanese, Chinese, Thai and Indian food that the staff cooks up for its guests.

Riverside Cottage, Paro

where to stay in bhutan
Photo by Shiva

We doubt you’ve ever imagined yourself biking along the banks of a river winding its way through Bhutan’s Paro Valley. This cottage is an independent compound located right along the banks of a river just outside of a small town. For those looking to get away and take in some absolutely gorgeous scenery without anything remotely close to a crowd, this option is hard to beat.

Room in a Villa Next to Simtokha Dzong, Thimphu

airbnbs in bhutan
Photo by Medon

Simtokha Dzong is a fortress-like building that used to serve as a monastery and is recognized today as one of Bhutan’s most important national landmarks. This gated villa is just a stone’s throw from the Dzong and even has a terrace with a terrific view of the structure. The owner and her two mixed breed dogs will be happy to be your hosts.

Druk Heritage Residence

where to stay in bhutan
Photo by Sangay

Located in Thimphu, these apartments are the perfect base camp from which to launch your adventures both in the capital and in the surrounding countryside. Popular among expats who stay in the area for months at a time, you’re bound to get good advice from your neighbors on what to check out and how.

Thimphu Homestay

airbnbs in bhutan
Photo by Drimi

Homestays are for travelers who want a true cultural immersion. This home is located outside of Thimphu in the town of Langjorphakha so guests have a rural experience, but still have the city within striking distance. The house itself has a traditional Bhutanese design and the gardens on the property coupled with the excellent views make for a wonderful combination.

Classic Bhutanese Architecture

One of the coolest things about Bhutan is the architecture. And what better way to see it than to stay in a classically designed apartment? This boutique hotel is Bhutanese down to the smallest detail and the traditional food and country setting serve as icing on the cake.

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