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A nighttime cruise down the Danube River might just be one of the most beautiful tours you can take in all of Europe. The Parliament Building with its Gothic Revival Architecture is lit up in gold and its reflection across the black river seems almost otherworldly. The country’s architecture is world-famous and its food is recognized as the best in Eastern Europe. Explore the thermal baths scattered across Budapest or head out to Hortobágy National Park to see some of the most incredible sunsets you’ll find anywhere, nevermind Eastern Europe.

So maybe you’ve checked the boxes in Western Europe and you’re looking to expand eastward. To help you on your adventure and help you rest your neck after a full day of staring at Budapest’s beautiful architecture, we’ve selected the top Airbnbs in Hungary.

By Richard Bohus

Contrast Industrial Apartment, Budapest

This downtown Budapest luxury apartment found its way to the top of our list for its artist-designed interior. We love the black and white map of the city, the can light fixtures and the open second-floor loft. It’s creative and stylish without trying too hard and that works well for us. The location is pretty sweet too. Two bedrooms and one bathroom mean up to four guests are welcome.

By Airbnb

City Loft, Budapest

Another two-bedroom spot in Budapest, this apartment caught our eye with its stylish wooden beams, open space and cool all-wood terrace that looks out over the city. With two floors and plenty of space to unwind after a long day of city exploring, this looks like an ideal pick for a small group of travelers looking to kick back in style.

where to stay in Hungary
Photo by Eva

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Sunny One-Bedroom, Budapest

We usually picture Hungary (and Eastern Europe in general) as cloudy and a bit depressing. Of course, Hungary sees its fair share of overcast weather, but don’t think the sun doesn’t break through! When it does, on the terrace of this one-bedroom spot is where you’ll want to be. The terrace looks out over the neighborhood and the sliding glass door and floor-to-ceiling windows mean the already brightly decorated apartment fills with light when the sun shows its face.

Places to stay in Hungary
Photo by Masha

Lake Balaton Weekend Home, Badacsonytomaj

A weekend by the water doesn’t sound very Hungarian, but a trip to Lake Balaton (located in the Transdanubia region) is just that. Known as a popular destination for city folk looking to catch some rays over the weekend or during holidays, Lake Balaton is a great alternative to the bustle of Budapest. This home has plenty of entertaining space, a lake view, a jacuzzi and six beds spread across two bedrooms.

airbnbs in Hungary
Photo by Andrea

Bükk National Park Getaway, Répáshuta

Bükk National Park Getaway is located just north of Miskolc and Eger and is an excellent way to get out of the city and explore the Hungarian countryside. Répáshuta is a quaint country town located in the park and this home is one of its gems. The surrounding forest is beautiful no matter the season and is full of paths for exploring on foot or bike. The seasonal colors are incredible — from the overwhelming green of summer to the oranges and reds of fall to the snowscape of winter to the blooming flowers of spring — all seasons, please. 

where to stay in Hungary
Photo by Maria

Downtown Studio With a Balcony, Budapest

From the balcony, all you have to do is look across the street to get a view of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. We see it as the perfect spot to relax and reflect on a long day of exploring. The studio has one bedroom and one bathroom and it looks to us like an excellent spot for couples looking for a little Eastern European getaway.

Places to stay in Hungary
Photo by Zoli
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