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Any time we check out Airbnbs for an island nation our expectations are high. We want oceanfront properties with great views, thatched roofs, hammocks on the porches and maybe even an infinity pool or two. Madagascar brings all this to the table with somewhat more of a natural feel than you what might typically find on Caribbean or Mediterranean islands known more for luxury and resort-style accommodations. Think thatched roofs, open-air layouts and the feeling that you’re a little closer to nature (a must with the biodiversity of Madagascar). With that in mind, here are our top picks for the most relaxing waterfront Airbnbs in Madagascar.

Bungalow By the Sea

waterfront in madagascar
Photo by Nadine

When we said hammocks on the porch, this house what we pictured. Just looking at the photos is relaxing. Located on a small island by the name of Nosy Kamba north of the mainland, the bungalow puts you near excellent snorkeling waters and jungle area (see if you can spot a lemur). There are four bedrooms so groups as large as 8 are welcome.

Shared Space Nosy Be Bungalow

waterfront airbnbs in madagascar
Photo by Hibiscus

Let’s keep the theme going. Also on the island of Nosy Be, these one-bedroom bungalows look perfect for couples and small groups of friends looking for some time at the beach or in the jungle. The photos of guests interacting with lemurs, the lounge chairs looking out toward the ocean, and the lap pool have us hooked. Oh and check the thatched roof and rustic design boxes as well.

Villa Domingo

We said we’re looking for rustic, but we certainly don’t mind a little luxury. This villa is located near Andilana Beach on Nosy Be and it blows us away with its infinity pool and views out over the water. It’s certainly the most luxurious option on our list, but it’s not to the point where you feel isolated and out of place. The house still has the thatched roof after all. Four bedrooms and six beds mean this would be a perfect getaway for large families or groups of friends.

Tongasoabeach Beach Hut

waterfront in madagascar
Photo by Germano

Wake up to the sound of waves crashing, pull back the curtains blocking the doorway and take it in. That would be our plan for this one-bedroom beach hut. A seat on the wooden deck puts you no more than 15 yards from the water where you can snorkel, fish or just hop on a wooden boat and cruise around. Couples looking for a simple getaway would be hard-pressed to find a better option on the island.

Ile aux Nattes Island Paradise

waterfront in madagascar
Photo by Ockie

This is our favorite house on the list. Located on the tiny island of Il Aux Nattes (just south of Sainte Marie) off of Madagascar’s eastern coast, this beach villa is hidden in a palm grove that it shares with a few black and white ruffed lemurs that are known to lounge around. The outdoor entertaining space is excellent, with a fire pit and seating area that looks like a perfect setting for sharing a few brews and watching the sunset. There are four bedrooms and six beds and the hosts are welcoming up to 8 guests.

Villa Cedric

Airbnbs in madagascar
Photo by Flipkey

The pool area, in-home bar, sharp interior decorating, ocean view and massage tables combination is attractive to say the least. This four-bedroom Nosy Be villa covers all the bases while still matching the local style. We can see both families and groups of friends having a blast.

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