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What’s better than renting a boat and sailing to beautiful beaches far away from the crowd and mainstream tourists destinations? Only accessible by sea or after a long and exhausting hike, here are nine of the most beautiful hidden European beaches waiting to be discovered by you. If you have a craving for unspoiled spots, white sand and crystal clear water, this list will be for you. Skip the tourists and head over to these amazing beaches.

1) Espalmador Beach, Formentera, Spain 

Located 150 meters up north of Formentera, in thBalearicic Islands, Espalmador is a private island, which makes it a perfect mooring area.

When you arrive, you’ll be stunned by the beauty and peacefulness of this place. Warm water and warmer sand await you on this little island. Needless to say, Espalmador will know how to seduce you: you are warned!

It feels just like the edge of the world there. Get lost in the mellow rhythm of waves and let it the island calm you with a silence only broken by the soft breeze. At Espalmador, it is not unusual to feel as if you are in a dream.

2) Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Head to Greece to see one of the most famous, yet remote beaches of the country: Navagio beach. Some people even call it the most splendid beach on earth. White calcareous cliffs dive into the sea and surround a gorgeous white-sand beach. Isolated, this beach will take your breath away and remove you from the rest of the world.

In this piece of paradise only accessible by boat, you may even meet the ghost of a smuggler. Indeed, for the anecdote, this bay was once called “Agios Georgios” until a vessel was wrecked on the shore and gave it the name of Navagio, meaning “Wreck” in Greek. The vessel was smuggling tobacco and after the catastrophic event, the precious cargo and the crew just vanished. Today, rusty wreckage lies on the sand, which makes the beach even more spectacular.

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3) Saleccia Beach, Corsica

Situated on the small Agriates Desert in Corsica, Saleccia beach is a long white sand beach stretching over several miles. Extremely hard to access by land, the easiest way to the beach is once again by the sea which makes the arrival at Saleccia even more spectacular

You can rent a boat a St. Florent and sail for approximately 20 minutes before reaching the shoreline. This coast is extremely well preserved and worth the travel!

4) Galesnjak Island, Croatia

Also known as the “island of love”, or “Cupid’s island”, Galesnjak is the only island on earth to have the perfect shape of a heart. Nobody lives on this island: tranquility guaranteed!

Who wouldn’t like to have this lovely place for themselves? Well, this Island of love is situated north of Zadar and you can rent a boat and go there with your soulmate!

5) Notre-Dame Beach, Porquerolles, France

Only a few miles away from Hyères, Porquerolles island has many surprises for you, but Notre-Dame beach beats all of them hands down. Wild, unspoiled and translucent water blends perfectly with the amazing land scenery.

More difficult to access than other places on this island, you’ll appreciate its magical setting. Don’t forget to bring a mask and scuba gear with you, because once you get there, a little diving will certainly be on your mind.

6) Banc D’arguin, Arcachon National Park, France

Once again, we will stay in France with this beach. After Pyla Dune, Banc D’arguin is another iconic site in Archachon National Park. The exceptional geographical location of this beach, curled up between Pyla Dune and the tip of the Cap Ferret Peninsula, makes it a destination of choice. The beach is also constantly moving and changing due to the wind and the tide. Finally, Banc D’arguin offers you a fantastic view of Pyla Dune.

Obviously, only accessible by boat, we have only one wish: setting foot on the shore. Ideal for a picnic break, this remarkable place with turquoise water invites you to relax.

7) Calanques National Park, Marseille, France 

Whether you’re just passing by Marseilles for a day or planning to stay there for a month, you’ve probably heard of Riou Island and the Calanques National Park. A multitude of beaches, each more splendid than the last, awaits you at this location, accessible only by sea.

Once you arrive at Riou Island, land your boat directly in Monasterio Calanque, located at the northern tip of the island. You’ll face a lovely, lonely beach which is considered as an excellent diving spot. If diving is not your thing, relax on your boat surrounded by sea life and clear water.

8) Trebaluger Beach, Balearic Islands, Spain

Of all the Balearic Islands, Menorca is an island that isn’t overrun by tourists. Trebaluger Beach is our favorite in the area. Here, tranquility and peace of mind await you.

Completely isolated, this beach of fine, golden sand is one of the most stunning beaches in the Balearic archipelago. It’s a perfect place to drop anchor! Welcome to paradise.

9) Budelli’s Pink Beach, Sardinia, Italy

Located in North Sardinia, within La Maddalena National Park, the Budelli Islands are regarded as some of the most beautiMediterraneannean islands. This is mainly due to its pink-sand beaches surrounded by turquoise water and emerald junipers. This funny-looking sand owes its color to micro-organisms such as myriapira truncata, a Coral-like species, and the high concentration of minerals.

Next to a small bay called Cala di Roto, Budelli inspires the greatest passions among tourists and locals. This italian gem needs to be preserved, thus you’ll only be able to enjoy it from a certain distance. No one is allowed to approach its shoreline within a radius of 300 meters. However, you will have no problem landing somewhere else on this island. All aboard for Budelli!

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  1. Have you been to ‘The Beach’ in Thailand? (Off Phi Phi Island) Hugely popular with tourists- and a boat only beach too!

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