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Looking for long days on intense runs?  Check out the top ski resorts in Alaska. Alaska’s wilderness is full of twists and turns and powder-filled runs. From heli-skiing to cat skiing to even the most basic runs and ski schools for the littlest skiers and snowboarders, Alaska’s resorts have everything you and your family could wish for and more. Check out the top Alaska ski resorts for your next vacation. 

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1. Moose Mountain Ski and Snowboard Resort, Fairbanks, AK

Get your skis ready for a big, family-friendly adventure right under your nose — Moose Mountain Ski and Snowboard Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska. The slopes on this mountainside resort overlook the Tanana Valley, giving you views along your run. Just minutes from downtown Fairbanks, Moose Mountain is often 20-30 degrees warmer than the freezing temps in town due to the slope and direction of the mountains. Most trails on Moose Mountain are intermediate to advanced level runs, with verticals of 1,300 feet, however, there are beginner slopes by the base perfect for beginner skiers.


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2. Hilltop Ski Area, Anchorage, AK

Head to one of Alaska’s most classic ski destinations, right in Anchorage: Hilltop Ski Area. Open since the 1950s, the resort sits at the edge of downtown Anchorage, giving you the best slopes with the best of the city vibes all in one vacation. The resort itself hosts slopes of all levels, though the majority are easily suited for beginner-level skiing and snowboarding. For those skiers or snowboarders just getting their bearing in the snow, Hilltop Ski Area offers a ski school to learn all the tricks. While on the smaller side, Hilltop offers you an intimate, welcoming experience, and the chance to perfect your skills on all the tree-lined hills.

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3. Alyeska Resort, Girdwood, AK

Treat yourself well at the Alyeska Resort in Alaska. The hotel and mountain offer skiing and snowboarding across all levels. Enjoy Alyeska’s annual snowfall of over 669 inches, up to 2,500 vertical feet, seven lifts, and steep slopes. If the day ends and you’re not ready to leave the slopes, Alyeska offers up the unique opportunity to go night skiing. Night skiing starts at 4 pm and runs until 9 pm, closing for good for the season in March. When you’re finally done in the snow, you don’t even have to travel far to get some rest. Hotel Alyeska has cozy rooms in a picturesque location. Dine in the hotel’s gourmet restaurants, take in the views from the aerial tramway, enjoy the saltwater pool and fitness center, or relax at the spa.

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4. Eaglecrest Ski Area, Juneau, AK

One of Alaska’s best ski and snowboard resorts, and the only ski resort in the southern section of the state, is calling your name. Eaglecrest Ski Area, in Juneau, Alaska is the place to be in the winter months. The resort boasts over 650 skiable acres, with a vertical drop of 1,400 feet, and an annual snowfall between 200 to 500 inches. The runs at Eaglecrest cover every level, from beginner to expert, making it a great place for families as well as professional skiers and snowboarders. The resort is open annually from December through to April, and is even open on holidays.

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5. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Anchorage, AK

If you’re an adrenaline-junkie, check out Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in Judd Lake, Alaska, where your first adventure begins on arrival. This resort is so remote, guests start in Anchorage and from there are flown to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge’s hideaway. Aside from the normal slopes and mountains offering intense skiing and snowboarding, the lodge is best known for its heli-skiing. Heli-skiing is a form of off-trail skiing or snowboarding where instead of reaching the top of the slope via chairlift, you’re dropped off via helicopter. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has packages to make the adventure of a lifetime more accessible, with seven-day stays in the lodge, transportation to and from Anchorage, and a week’s worth of heli-skiing.

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6. Chugach Powder Guides, Anchorage, AK

While not technically a resort, we couldn’t resist adding this fun, unique experience to our list. The company services the western Chugach Mountains, with rugged trails, open bowls, and some of the biggest adventure in North America. One popular adventure here is cat-skiing. Instead of taking a chairlift to the regular resort slopes, cat-skiing takes you up the mountains in a big snowcat — a vehicle used to clear snow. In the snowcat, you can access the rural, non-resort slopes bound to be a lot less crowded.

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7. Skiland, Fairbanks, AK

Ski at Skiland, open for the season from December through April. The resort is famous as the home of the farthest-north chairlift in all of North America. Skiland offers skiers and snowboarders, locals and tourists alike, dozens of tree-lined trails across all levels. Skiland resort is small, but cozy, giving you a home-away-from-home vibe. The resort is also said to be a great spot to catch a glimpse of the dancing colors of the northern lights, so be sure to look up in the evenings!

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8. Mount Eyak Ski Resort, Cordova, AK

Mount Eyak Ski Resort, in Cordova, Alaska, is definitely for the adventurous traveler. The single chairlift that takes you up to the trails is straight out of the 1930s, and many of the runs in the small ski area are remote and rural, though it still has rental shops to pick up all the supplies you need and restaurants to keep you nourished during your time on the mountains.

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