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The crazy, colorful and arty Rainbow Serpent Festival is fast approaching and we’ve got you covered with some of the best sets and beats to get you ready for it. The festival, which sees the sleepy town of Lexton, Victoria, turn into an electro-techno lover’s paradise, is known as one of the top events in the Australian music calendar. 2018’s lineup included the likes of Captain Hook, Alex Stein, Vitalic, Michael Mayer, and G.M.S — all top artists with music sets to get you ready for the festival.

top beats to get you ready for rainbow serpent festival
Photo by Rainbow Serpent Festival

1. Captain Hook

Taking to the stage this year is Captain Hook, who is known as one of the top DJs in the Psychedelic and Progressive Trance scene. Captain Hook is known for playing at almost every festival in the field,  and is one of the hardest workers in the business. Why not get in the mood and listen to some of his past set from festivals such as Ozora Festival 2017 and Boom Festival 2017. You can listen to the sets on Captain Hook’s SoundCloud.

2. Alex Stein

Alex Stein is a half-Bavarian half-Brazilian DJ known for his magic computer skills and ability to make amazing electronic beats. He’s at the forefront of the new wave of Brazilian electronic music and is set to be a rising star over the next few years. Some of his top tracks include The Nomad and Aurora. Listen to Alex Stein’s SoundCloud.

top beats to get you ready for rainbow serpent festival
Photo by Alex Stein

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3. G.M.S

G.M.S, or Growling Mad Scientists, are a psychedelic duo hailing from Holland. The group first started in the early 1990s and are huge on the psychedelic trance scene. Some of the top G.M.S tracks include Growling Machines, Rounders, and Juice. Check out some G.M.S music sets.

rainbow serpent festival
Photo by G.M.S

4. Vitalic

Pascal Arbez, or better known by his stage name as Vitalic, is one of France’s top electronic music artists. He’ll be hotly anticipated at this year’s Rainbow Serpent Festival and will be celebrating the release of his latest album, Voyager, which was released on 20 January 2017. Some of his all-time top songs include Tu Conmigo, Poison Lips and Second Lives. Listen to some of Vitalic’s music sets.

5. Michael Mayer

Michael Mayer is a German electronica DJ and remixer who never fails to play an awesome set. He’s got a huge international following and plays at festivals all around the world. Some of his top tracks include The Horn Conspiracy, Mantasy and DJ-Kicks. Get dancing to Michael Mayer.

top beats to get you ready for rainbow serpent festival
Photo by Michael Mayer

6. Gabriel Ananda

Another German DJ at the top of the scene is Gabriel Ananda, who is known for his techno and electronic music. His music is influenced by Latin drum beats and melancholic melodies. Check out some of Gabriel Ananda’s music.

top beats to get you ready for rainbow serpent festival
Photo by Het Rijk Alleen
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