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If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful islands of Hawaii, you probably have a full agenda and a list of everything you want to do that includes beaches, luaus, star gazing, volcanos and tours. But there are probably some things that you’re forgetting.

These are the top 5 mistakes people make while traveling in Hawaii. Take note of these tips and others to ensure you have the trip of your dreams.

1. Make sure your camera stick or cell phone has enough memory to handle the major influx of photographs.

best way to travel in Hawaii
Photo by Pexels

It’s not like you can just drop by anytime to get the shot again. It’s very frustrating to get the “not enough memory” message when you try to snap a picture. Download pictures to your computer before you leave home so your cell phone has plenty of room for new pictures.

2. Do not assume that everything on the island is safe.

best way to travel in Hawaii
Photo by Pixabay

If you’re not a Hawaii native, it probably seems as though you’ve arrived in paradise. Everything comes at a cost and Hawaii’s beauty is antithesized with a few lurking dangers. It may seem like a good idea to swim under a waterfall until you discover trapped debris from the lake that can cause a nasty cut. Cliff jumping is a common pastime in Hawaii that leads to falling rocks that can harm anyone below. Not to mention the sharp reefs and poisonous fish. These warnings aren’t to deter you from visiting this paradise, but to encourage you to be cautious.

3. Be honest when you plan your time.

best way to travel in Hawaii
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It’s not always possible to completely disconnect from your life while you’re on vacation. Sometimes responsibilities overshadow your time away. When you’re planning your time, be honest. If you need an hour a day to stay connected on vacation plan it into your time and make it a part of your trip. No need to feel guilty. You are allowed to make your vacation exactly what you need it to be.

4. Do not take sand, shells, dead reef, or rocks from the beaches.

best way to travel in Hawaii
Photo by Pixabay

This may seem harmless to you, but the natives take this matter very seriously. These items are sacred to them and there are laws to protect the beaches. Besides, Hawaii is visited by 7 million tourists per year. If everyone took a little of the beach home, how long would Hawaii maintain it’s glory?

5. Don’t underestimate your need for sunscreen.

best way to travel in Hawaii
Photo by Amir Illusion

Of course, you plan to wear sunscreen, just like you do at your home pool. But that could be a mistake. The sun in Hawaii is much brighter and the rays burn skin much easier. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or higher, and apply it often.

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Top Five Mistakes People Make While Traveling In Hawaii
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