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We have a tendency to think of the Northeast as explored, mapped out and familiar. New York, Philadelphia, and Boston are all stops you’ve made in the past and the suburbs around them ring bells. When it comes to the unexplored frontier, our imaginations tend to wander west into the Rockies, Yellowstone, Yosemite and the great open spaces of Big Sky country. That’s typically where we find adventure and untouched spaces in America.


Being the literature fans that we are here at AllTheRooms, we’d like to test your memory and see if you know where the American classic “The Last of the Mohicans” took place. If you didn’t say Upstate New York then you’re out of the club. It’s James Fenimore Cooper’s description of a wild region of New York filled with hundreds of miles of forests, rolling hills, and mountain ranges. Sounds like a far cry from New York City, right? Well, that’s because it is.

Upstate New York today still has that wild great outdoors feeling that wakes up in the adventurer in you. And what better way to explore that world than camping? Better yet what better way than glamping?

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Glamping vs. Camping

So what does it mean to go glamping in New York? Think of it this way: Glamping is the adventure of camping without the discomfort. So take the hikes, views, and fresh air, but leave behind the broken tent, uncomfortable sleeping mat and the deadweight of cooking supplies on your back as you hike through the woods.

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Glamping in New York is like taking the comfort of your city apartment (and often hot water) out into the wilderness. Sounds ideal, right? It absolutely is. The best glamping spots will have luxury tents with softs beds perfect for stretching out on after a long day of hiking. They’ll also have cooks ready to fire up gourmet meals so you can spend more time exploring and less time struggling to get a fire going.

Why Upstate New York?

Upstate New York is truly one of the East Coast’s gems. Follow the Hudson River Valley north for breathtaking views of the river and for the famous vineyards that line its banks. Hike the quiet trails of the Catskills and forget that New York is home to the largest city in the country. Head to the Adirondacks and find yourself lakeside with views of the mountains reflected across mirror-like lakes.

Many of the region’s best areas are conveniently located within striking distance from urban areas, yet are shockingly wild and isolated, not to mention beautiful.

By Moise Sebastian

Our Top Picks

Using our accommodations search engine, we’ve found some of upstate New York’s very best glamping sites. From luxury tents to canvas cabins, there are plenty of options for you to have a comfortable stay out in the wilderness.

Canvas Cabins Furnished With Antiques, North River

Also not far from Lake George, these tents look out over mountains and meadows filled with wildflowers. They come with fresh linens, barbecue grills and a solid WiFi connection. The antiques give it a wonderful rustic feel that takes you back in time. What’s not to love?

By Glamping Hub

Bell Tent on the Hudson, Germantown

This glamping site is for the minimalist looking to enjoy nature. Set just a quick walk from the beautiful Hudson River, the tent is simple on the outside and comfortable on the inside. Whether you’re hiking the nearby trails or just sitting on the wooden deck outside gazing up at the stars, this site is the perfect place for escaping the city and all the chaos that comes with it. Oh, and pets are welcome!

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Handcrafted Timber Hut

The tiny home in Upstate New York, handcrafted with timber, is one of the more luxurious camping options to be found in New York. The inside of the home is ordained with big windows, a wood-burning stove, and beautiful stone detailing. The bedroom is lofted above the living quarters, and with its height stays warm and cozy even on chilly evenings. Even the outhouse is fancy. Lined with stain glass windows, the outhouse is an experience by itself.

By Glamping Hub

Solar Powered Yurt in the Hudson Valley

Solar power + yurt = totally classic glamping experience. This particular example is a quick getaway from New York City and is built in the middle of a horse farm. Don’t be surprised to wake up early and see horses wander close to the yurt on through the rolling hills that the accommodation opens up to. Those staying here also get to make use of the hot tub that is onsite, a perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring the area.

By Glamping Hub
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