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So you’re off to South Carolina. Maybe it’s to visit family, explore some of the state’s gorgeous beaches, or maybe it’s a wintertime dash southward to escape the Northeast chill. Whatever it may be, your four-legged friend is coming with you and you want to make sure they’re comfortable and welcome at whichever hotel you choose. Pet-friendly hotels in South Carolina aren’t hard to find, but every so often there are complications and fine-print rules that find pets owners in a bind upon arrival.

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Our goal is to get you familiar with the most reliable pet-friendly hotel chains while also giving you a heads up on some of the rules that travelers often miss. Because you and your friend want to rest your heads after a long day of travel, not stand at the front desk and argue about pet fees.

Our Favorite Chains

La Quinta

La Quinta is solid across the board, and aside from presenting an economical option for your stay, they do a great job accommodating dogs. While almost all chains charge a fee, many La Quintas let pups stay for free. That’s right, no extra pet charge. They also tend to be cool with big dogs, which isn’t always easy to find.

Be sure to check these pet policies with the La Quinta you chose because some managers adjust their rules slightly.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price


Best Western

Another reliable, economical chain, Best Westerns are easy to find and their pet policies are easy to navigate. The maximum pet charge is $20 per night so you won’t have to break the bank. They cap the limit at two dogs per room, but they can weigh up to 80 lbs each, so you most likely won’t have to worry about big dog issues.

The easy-to-find and reliable service combo is tough to beat.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

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Holiday Inn Express

Like everything else, Holiday Inn Express makes pet travel affordable and efficient. They charge a maximum fee of $25 per night and tend to allow big dogs. Also, all rooms are pet-friendly so you don’t have to worry about being quarantined and kept away from the other guests or all the good things the hotel has to offer.

Once again, the easy-to-find factor is high and makes trip planning much easier.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price



The Doubletree by Hilton offers an upgrade on overall hotel quality while still going out of their way for dogs. While they do charge a pet fee, they keep it below $75 per stay. They also allow multiple dogs so if the whole crew is coming, you won’t have any issues.

The only thing to watch out for is the pet weight limit, which varies depending on location. Be sure to call ahead beforehand and tell them just how big your dog is so you can avoid any issues upon arrival.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

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Tips on Avoiding Pet-Stay Disasters

Call ahead and clarify

Like we said before, a call ahead never hurts. A hotel chain may have attractive pet policies but also allow managers to adjust their rules as long as they don’t stray too far from the core policy. Make a call, explain that you’ve read about their pet policies online and ask them to confirm they follow the same rules. Five minutes on the phone can save some major headaches.

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Have a plan b

You never know. Scout out other pet-friendly hotels in the area just in case something goes wrong at check-in. Sleeping in the car with your two dogs doesn’t sound great.

Read the fine print

It’s always important to read the fine print. Things like weight limits can be snuck in below a list of what seem like super pet-friendly policies.

Search with AllTheRooms’ “Pets OK” filter

Don’t suffer the stress associated with searching for a pet-friendly hotel room by jumping from site to site and checking for “pet-friendly” in each description. On an AllTheRooms search, you can check a box for “pets ok” under amenities and filter out everyone who may not be so excited about your furry friend.

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So there we have it: a few of our favorite chains and a few key tips for making your dog’s travel stress-free. Hopefully, with this knowledge, you can leave the worries and charges of pet-sitting at home. After all, wouldn’t your buddy rather be with you? Of course. So fear not. Plan well, and your vacation will be a barking success.

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