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Virginia Pork Festival
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Every June, in a small town along the Virginia-North Carolina border, you can find one of the most delicious, timeless and longstanding food festivals in the United States. The Virginia Pork Festival is a calling to all pork rib, pulled pork and you name it pork dish lovers from all over. With 43,000 lbs of pork ready for the serving, pork-lovers will be in heaven. But it’s good family fun too.

A variety of live band performances provide the music for the feasting and local civic group and club members double as chefs as they raise money and awareness for their causes. Convinced to buy a ticket? What do you need to know as a first-time Pork Festival goer?

1. Ask about the clubs

Each serving station represents a cause or organization. Ask your chef and go beyond the food!

2. Try it all, but not too much!

More than 30 dishes requires lots of stomach space. Don’t fill up on your first station. You wouldn’t want to miss those ribs at the end because you’re too full.

3. Expect the basics in accommodations

Emporia is a small town that doesn’t offer much in terms of accommodation options. Think I-95 stopover hotels. However, what they lack in excitement, they make up for in convenience! For more information on where to stay, check out the complete VA Pork Festival Guide

4. Embrace the pace

The festival is designed to be relaxing. As the website says, “bring a lawn chair, grab a plate and enjoy the music.”

5. Be ready for heat and humidity

Virginia June heat can be pretty intense but the humidity is what will really get you if you’re not used to it. So bring plenty of water and hit the pool back at your hotel.

6. Ask for recipes

If there’s a dish that stands out to you ask the chef if they’re willing to pass you the recipe. Maybe you can bring some festival memories back to your own kitchen.

Virginia Pork Festival Pro Tips
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