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Put those lighters away and subdue those slow giggles — we’re talking about Weed, California. That’s right, tucked away in the Northern Californian Siskiyou County is the town of Weed. The tiny place of some 2,700 residents is almost as far north in California as anyone can go, about a four and a half hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area. Although remote, Weed is rather beautiful (and one of our favorite-named towns along with Lebanon, TN and Boring, OR).

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Buy Weed Memorabilia

The fact is the city’s name does draw a lot of attention. Because Weed is located off the 5 freeway between Redding and the Oregon border, quite a few cars pass through. With numerous people stopping to take pictures of signs announcing their arrival, many small businesses decided to capitalize. While driving through the main part of town, most shops sell shirts saying things like “I Love Weed” or “It’s Always 420 in Weed” — making a funny souvenir for the right person. Oh, and the town’s motto “Weed Like to Welcome You” can also be found on a number of trinkets.

Weed hasn’t stopped the embrace of their name there though. On 4/20 April 2019, the town had a small cannabis festival, which they hope to become a yearly event. As for those planning to buy something that is not memorabilia, there’s a dispensary in town called La Florista.

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Sample the Brewery

While there might be a bit of a rivalry between beer and the stuff sharing Weed’s name, that doesn’t stop the Mt. Shasta Brewing Company. Also calling themselves Weed Ales and Lagers, the brewery has been operating since 1992. The brewing company makes use of the town’s name and landmarks by giving their beers playful titles. Some of their most popular brews include the Weed Golden Ale, Lemurian Lager, and the Shastafarian Porter.

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Explore Mount Shasta

Weed is located in the shadows of perhaps the most recognizable landmark in the far north of California, Mount Shasta. The 14,000-foot high volcano is mostly an isolated peak, making it a striking feature that can be seen from miles away. The area around California’s fifth highest summit is also a playground for adventurers and thrill seekers. On the mountain, mountaineers can make an attempt at the summit or go skiing in the winter; meanwhile, around the volcanic mount, there are numerous great trails to hike.

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Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum

As the town’s only museum, the Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum highlights what actually gave the city its start: lumber. Weed was founded in 1897 by a pioneer named Abner Weed. Abner Weed went on to start a sawmill in town that at one point, by the 1940s, was claimed to be the largest sawmill in the world. The museum, which is only open in the summer, explores this early history and puts on display many pieces of town lore and old machinery.

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Trout Fishing

Weed is close to a number of well-known rivers in the area. The Klamath, Sacramento, and McCloud Rivers are all well within reach of Weed and are pristine due to their remoteness and the small population in the region. The rivers are an ideal spot for avid fishermen, and trout are the most notable prize around here, though other species of fish are not uncommon.

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Hike the PCT

The PCT, or Pacific Crest Trail, is a legendary hiking route that extends from California’s border with Mexico all the way to Washington’s border with Canada. The hike is notorious for its difficulty, length, and unbelievable beauty — passing through a few of the country’s greatest national parks and wilderness. The PCT is 2,653 miles long, has 420,880 feet of elevation change, and usually takes about five months to complete. The trail passes very closely to Weed, so folks can join up with the trail and know what it is like to set foot on the PCT.

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Lake Activities

Weed is close to both Shasta Lake and Lake Siskiyou, both attractive humanmade reservoirs with wooded shorelines. At both of these lakes, visitors can go boating, wakeboarding/waterskiing, kayaking, or swimming. While the summertime does attract a number of people, it’s less popular and crowded than some California lakes like Lake Tahoe.

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Hit the Links

Weed is home to the Lake Shastina Golf Resort. The popular spot for golf enthusiasts features both an 18 and nine-hole course. The well-manicured fairways are all equipped with stunning views of Mount Shasta and the Cascade Mountains.

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Other Nearby Outdoor Recreation

Weed is undoubtedly a hotbed for outdoor activities. While this list covers many of the big-ticket items, there are still more things to do in Weed’s vicinity. This includes hiking on old Union Pacific Railroads to Mossbrae Falls, rock climbing at Castle Crags, exploring Lava Beds National Monument, and bird watching in the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge.

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